Happy Halloween

Today I have been on a rant and will just touch on it.  You have heard me talk about Destiny(my 3 yr old granddaughter), well she has been wanting to pretend she has a baby in her tummy.  I talked to her mom and she has done some checking and one set(she has 3 sets of grandparents) let her watch youtube cartoons and there were a series of Minnie Mouse giving birth.  Not the Disney Minnie, but still cartoons on toddler’s channel.  STUPID.  I told Youtube so.

Now today we will concentrate on the fun of Halloween.  We will get ready for the trick or treaters and have fun.  Her older sister is taking her out around our neighborhood(I have lived here for 30 yrs).  I have a large iron pot hubby’s grandmother and her mother made lie soap and did laundry in.  I will have it out front with quilt batting in it and a large bowl of candy in it.  We will sit on the swing handing out candy.  I will have 2 quilts for us to wrap up in.

What are your plans for this day?

I think this morning we will have to get the leaf blower and mower out to get the leaves up that are falling.  FALL is here and I love it.  Have a great day.

Trying Alcohol Ink

The last few days I have been trying alcohol ink on different types of fabric.  I tried muslin  img_20181028_16570229939253925.jpgI wasn’t over joyed with this.  Ink didn’t spread with the alcohol and turned a little dull.  Next was 100% cotton.  img_20181028_1657057501457954534.jpgThis one a little better  Then I tried silk.  I also used permanent markers and I got more of a run with the markers than the ink, but the inks are more vibrant.  img_20181028_165656305911122228.jpgI will be trying some brushing it on.  I do think this will be something fun to try for the winter..  Have you ever tried anything like this?

Just think of the designs you can make for your quilts.  Yours from the beginning to the end.  Now to start practicing.  We will see how it goes.

Back to normal

Today I cut out a tote and then played with alcohol ink.  I do think I like this and will be experimenting more with this.  I have some white scarves that I need to try and do something with.  More and more fun will be coming.  I have my fabric dying table set up in the garage so I won’t ruin the kitchen.  Last winter I tried some fabric dying and then got side tracked.  I have started digging out all my things in the basement and now to bring them up to the garage.  This will be my messy work space and I can get as messy as I want.  I also have lots of plastic to cover the ground and table.

Do you have a messy work room?  What is it?  What do you do?

How do you decide on your next project?

Do you jump from one project to the next?  The more you try different projects the more you want to learn more.

Will post pictures tomorrow.  Let’s see how things go.

Hind site

How many of you have sat and worked up a pattern, making changes as you go?  I think all of  us have. Sometime they turn out good and sometimes not so good.  While out on the road I came across one such item.  My husband is diabetic, so I made him a case to carry all the items he needs to carry with him.  He has had it for about 4 years now.  While in Arizona, I was in a a quilt shop and there was a pattern for the same thing I made hubby for $15.00.  I had to laugh.  Who would have thought that this was something someone would spend money on a pattern for.  Made me stop and wonder how many things have I made that could become a salable pattern.  CRAZY!  I decided that I would start writing these things down while making them.

I have spent the last few days getting things organized around here and tomorrow will be a rainy day so it will be a rainy sewing day.  I hope all is well with you all.  Have a great tomorrow.

Home and settled in at last

We got home Friday morning about 4am and now all signs of vacation are gone.  I have spent part of today working on a small wall hanging from Tucson.  I love seeing sunrise at Saguaro National Park among all these cactus.   IMG_20181021_205148605This little wall hanging has given me more ideas.  Too many ideas right now.  I will get them down on paper so hopefully I won’t forget.  Tomorrow I will start on a dress for little Ms. Destiny.  She was helping put my fabric away and would hold up a piece and say “Oh so beautiful. My favorite.”  So in showing her patterns for dresses she decided she wants a black and white dress with bows.  BIG BOWS.  She is 3 and knows her minds.So this will be on the agenda for tomorrow.  I love having my routine back.  Vacations are nice, but being home is better.

I think I will need a vacation from this vacation.

Let me see, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, now heading out in the morning back to New Mexico then Kansas and home.  Saw some beautiful things and met some wonderful people.  I am so tired and my bottom is flat from so much time in the car..  We visited 20 National Parks and took LOTS of pictures.  Of course my favorite places the fabric shops.IMG_6532IMG_6533IMG_6534IMG_6535IMG_6536IMG_6537IMG_6538IMG_6539IMG_6540 - CopyIMG_6541 - CopyIMG_6544 - CopyIMG_6711 - CopyIMG_6713 - CopyIMG_6783 - Copy - CopyIMG_7252 - Copy - CopyIMG_7354 - Copy - CopyIMG_7354 - Copy (2)Now to figure out what to make first.  Any ideas???????????

Zion and Bryce National Parks

Today was spent mostly in the car, but that is ok, it was COLD. The higher in the mountains we went the colder it got.  We forgot coats in Kansas City and had jackets.  We piled clothes on and went out anyway.  As we left Zion and got closer to Bryce we started seeing snow on the mountains.  It was beautiful.

Zion National ParkIMG_6958IMG_7002IMG_6947IMG_6953

Now to Bryce Canyon and the HOODOO’S.  No one could tell me how they got their names.IMG_7013IMG_7020IMG_7021IMG_7022IMG_7026IMG_7050IMG_7052