Destroy what I touched Day

Yesterday I had great intentions, BUT a greater force decided to test me and I gave up.  Decided to read a Ann Hazelwood book instead.  I was making a messenger bag and I ended up sewing it together was the first of mistakes.  I sewed it together UPSIDE DOWN!  So I ripped it apart and started again. After ripping it apart 4 times I put it aside.  So cutting out the Dragonflies for the wall hanging and today I will re draw, and cut and iron heat bond on leaves for 2 dragonflies.  I  ironed them on the wrong side of the fabric.  Throwing in the trash.  The book sounded safer.  What can happen tear out a page?  I can tape it back.  What I didn’t think about was getting caught up in it and looked at the clock and seeing it 2am.  I did manage to get up by 7am and ready for a new day and hopefully be able to get back on track.

Count on me letting you know how that turns out.  I will also have a few photos to show you on the new process.  I hope.

You have a wonderful day and not have too many “rip outs” today.

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