What next??????????????

I am in between projects and thinking ok, what do I want to make now?  I don’t have a clue.  Seems like when I don’t know what to make I do quite a bit of cleaning and then dig out the fabrics and try to decide.  This seems to take the cobwebs off the brain and I can accomplish so much more. I do have 4 pounds of pecan and jalapeno pecan brittle to make for the 21st of this month.

How do you decide on the next project?  Do you wait until you get finished with what you are working on before you work on your next one?

I don’t like to have too many projects in the process at one time because I get overwhelmed and do nothing.  I do have 2 bag patterns I want to make for vacation in Oct.  Think I need to stop procrastinating?  Today may be the day to start those.   With that in mind I think I will get those started.

I hope your day is wonderful.


I am thinking today will be could be a day at the zoo.  Until we go it I will be making some zucchini bread and banana bread.  I am also going to freeze some strawberries.  I bought fruit at the grocery store last week and was on meds for a headache and tense muscle in the neck. Needless to say I have spent the week sick to my stomach and sleepy so need to do something with the fruit before it goes bad.  I think the headache is easier to stand compare to the side effects of the meds.  I didn’t take them yesterday as Ms. Destiny will be here and I need to keep up with a 3 yr old.

Until Destiny comes I will be making some bibs.  When I try and sew she wants to help and sometimes it doesn’t always turn out.  But it is fun and we are making wonderful memories.  This is something I did with all my granddaughters.

I hope you have a chance to make some wonderful memories.

I am sad to say yesterday brought NO creativity.  Actually it was a day of Must Dos.  Things like mow the yard, going shopping and so on.  Today will bring sewing in the morning, exercise and peanutbrittle in the afternoon.  Alicia is busy making her dolls, Ashley is making wood signs, Jim(our son) is making wooden flags, and Mary is making soaps and lotions.  Sept 21-22 is the last craft fair at this time.  We may go to one more in November.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a trip to the zoo.  I was informed Saturday that little girls like going to the zoo and see ALL the animals.  We will pick her up and spend the morning there as it is in the 90’s by afternoon with a heat index of 100-105.  We will stay in doors and make our tent in the afternoon. IMG_20180515_120118832IMG_20180515_125124841IMG_20180515_134110739This is our last visit and we have created a little monster.  She wants to go every day.


A few weeks ago our son, Jim, tested for his 6th Degree Black Belt in Okinawa Kempo.  Proud of him.IMG_20180810_201446803IMG_20180810_185504869

Still Summer?

This last week we have had pre fall weather and it has been wonderful.  Today Summer returns and will be in the upper 90’s.  The rain we’ve had last week has caused the grass to shoot up.  It has gone from a dry crunchy brown to a beautiful soft green, so I won’t complain mowing.

I have been doing some sewing and making peanut brittle, but mostly just enjoying the weather.  I got 2 set of aprons made and a table runner that still needs the binding finished.  IMG_20180823_143635368IMG_20180823_143820967IMG_20180823_143838375The pink was in the process of being finished.  The table runner is one I was starting to quilt the other day.img_20180821_201010944112550899.jpgI am using a rust colored border.  I have 4 place mats ready to put together and quilt.  I have started cutting dragonflies out of organza.  I made the Dance of the Dragonfly wall hanging about a year ago, and decided I want to try one out of organza.  Dragonflies have  translucent wings and I want to try and capture this.  I hope it turns out the way my mind is seeing it.  Hope you are having a wonderful Friday.

Little sewing today

Today I didn’t get a whole lot of sewing done.  Ms. Destiny (3 yr old) spent the night last night.  I was woken up at 4am with a little sweet face inches from mine saying, “It’s time to play with Playdough”. I told her is was still night time and she grins, gets out of bed and tells me,”My eyes say it is.” I told her to wait a while and so she got Hi Ho Cherry-O and we played games.  It was a very fun day, but I am very tired.  I did do some quilting on a table runner.  This is turning out pretty good.  I will be making placemats to go with it and napkins.  I wanted something new for the fall. img_20180821_201010944112550899.jpgI also have lots of fabric pumpkins to spread around the house.  No Halloween decorations.  They still scare Destiny and since she is here a few times a week, we will decorate for Fall.  Now for an early night, sweet dreams and be safe.

Hello everyone.  This weekend I have started on a Fall Table Runner.  It is a raw edge applique.  I am finding projects that I can finish within a week.  When I finish this table runner, I will have everything ready for the craft fair.  I will then start on some new projects for the winter.  I enjoy sitting at the window and watching the snow falling, then getting out and play in it.

I did something I said I wouldn’t do and that is that I would not volunteer at Quilt Guild for a committee.  Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I did.  I found out I was the Chair Person for the Activity Committee.  Any suggestions for extra activities for beginner to advanced quilters?  Last year we had a challenge, and a block exchange.  This is only my 3rd year of being a member of the guild and all is fairly new to me and I need suggestions.  How are Block of the Month ran? Do you think Block exchanges are a good idea?

On to a new topic……..I was asked the other day what color fabric I have the most of and the fabric I use the least.  My answer was browns the most of and pink is the least.  This simple question made me look at my stash and I have so many dark colors, and earth tones.  I have a few bright batiks.  I am drawn to bright fabrics when I go to the stores, but when making quilts the colors are muted.  I think it is time to start making brighter quilts.  Tonight I will look thru my fabrics and decide what bright colors will be in the next quilt.

Have a wonderful evening and get creative.

Peanut Brittle

Today I finished up 10 pounds of Peanut Brittle.  Tomorrow starts Jalapeno Peanut Brittle.  I will be making about 10 pounds of that and then 5 of Pecan Brittle and 5 of Jalapeno Pecan.  This will need to be ready for the 20th of September.  Also finishing up “Mommy, Me and Dolly Makes 3” aprons.  These are 3 matching aprons in, you got it, 3 different sizes.

I have realized that I love designing and making quilts for people.  I can come up with designs for individual people according to their personality.  I draw a blank when thinking of making one for myself.  Any ideas on how to be able to design a quilt for myself?  I think my problem is I like TOO many things.

Wishing everyone a Good night and Sweet Dreams from my sewing room to you.  Till tomorrow.