I am sad to say yesterday brought NO creativity.  Actually it was a day of Must Dos.  Things like mow the yard, going shopping and so on.  Today will bring sewing in the morning, exercise and peanutbrittle in the afternoon.  Alicia is busy making her dolls, Ashley is making wood signs, Jim(our son) is makingContinue reading

Hello from the world of Doll Clothes

As of this moment we have 7 new doll outfits.  I have more lots more to go.  Alicia’s crocheted dolls will be dressed. My Granddaughters will be so happy. Emily(16) said everywhere she looks she sees naked baby dolls.  When she knows her friends are coming over she gathers the doll parts(WIPS) from the livingContinue reading “Hello from the world of Doll Clothes”