What a wonderful Saturday

This morning when I got home from Weight Watchers(yes, I watch my weight go up and down), Hubby was ready and we went Downtown Kansas City to the River Market and we got some fresh peaches and cream corn, bell peppers, and lots of spices.  I love getting my spices there, they are only $2 a scoop and each scoop is about 3 ounces or 81 grams. They have a richer flavor than what I can get in the stores and some that are hard to find in the local stores.  From there we went on a little road trip(about an hour east) to Waverly, MO and bought peaches and watermelon.  IMG_20180721_114325111IMG_20180721_114329024IMG_20180721_114340186When we got home I put my spices in containers, cut up watermelon and in refrig. Then shucked corn, cut most off cob and bagged 10 quarts and in freezer, some whole ears in the freezer, and a few in the refrig for tonight.  Peaches are washed and in a bowl on the table.  I think I will make a peach salsa for dinner tomorrow night.  Some grilled shrimp and fresh corn.  Sounds pretty good.  I think I will have to make some fresh bread to go with it.

There is nothing like fresh vegetables in the winter. My husbands grandmother would cut corn off the cob and freeze then when she was going to cook it she put it in a pan with milk, 1 tsp of sugar, butter, salt and pepper.  When it had been cooking for a while she mixed in a rue of milk and flour to thicken and it was the best cream corn ever.  I loved the way she cooked and now over 45 yrs I have all her recipes.  Nothing like a dollop of butter the size of an brown egg.

All this done by 1 pm and now sitting with a cold glass of sweet tea(sweetner no sugar) and my computer.  Later I will move to the sewing machine.

What are you doing on this beautiful Saturday afternoon?  I will go outside and work in the back garden.  Where I got all this energy I have no idea, but it is great while it lasts.  You have a wonderful day and until tomorrow.


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