A quick little project

I had gotten this patterns and had to try it.  Was quick and fun, not use if I will make any more, but it was fun. Why do somethings look better in the store than in your home?  That is ok just used up some 2 inch scraps and it turned out well.IMG_20180730_181751

Tomorrow will bring a surprise. By surprise, I do mean I don’t have a clue what will find its way into my sewing room.  There will be a trip to the zoo in the afternoon.  I love the zoo.  Trying to decide on some of new crafts for the up coming Craft fair.  Any suggestions?


What fun few days

Friday a funny thing happen on the way to the grocery store.  We went to Hamilton, MO( about 1  1/2 hour away) to Missouri Star Quilt Co.  If you haven’t joined their Daily Deals you need to go to their website and join.  The Daily Deal are just that. Every day she has some kind of specials.  I’ve purchased  charm packs for .99.  You also earn bonus points for your purchases and can use these towards other purchases.  Now with this said, Friday’s Daily Deal was FREE.  I didn’t know this when we left, but we did when we got there.  I think the whole quilting world were there also.  But the first store we walked into (there are 12 themed fabric stores on Main Street in Hamilton.) we were given a charm pack of Moda solids.  Then every x number of dollars spent something else went with it.  This is what I purchased and what was given.IMG_20180727_163233687IMG_20180727_163238708Now this is what was given.IMG_20180727_163408587 Then on Saturday Destiny spent a cloudy day inside and finger painting, then a bublebath, we made pizza, and then watched Beauty and the Beast, and Tarzan.  Today I am sewing.

One of the things I purchased on Friday was a stripology ruler and today is a day to play with it.  The little I have used it I know I will be using it a lot.

If you haven’t check out MSQC (Missouri Star Quilt Company) she does a fantastic mail order business, check her out.


Today brings placemats to the sewing room.  I will be doing some embroidery on them.  These will be for Christmas for my kids and then it is always good to have a little something on hand for “Just in case”.  Do you have those “Just in case” gifts laying around?  I learned by time my first child was finished with Kindergarten that it is good to have something for adults and kids.  Now I keep these little things in the linen closet.  Let me tell you a secret.  Grandkids, or mine, are not afraid to call and ask.  I don’t mind so today with it raining outside I will be making placemats and Sunday start on Peanut brittle.     Our biggest sale of the year is coming up in Sept and I make about 20 lbs of peanut, jalapeno, pecan, and jalapeno pecan brittle.

I think today will bring some kolaches.  Just have to get poppy seeds from the grocery store.  I will make poppy seed and apple kolaches and a few loaves of bread.  I love rainy days.  Makes me want to bake.  How about you?  What do you like to do on a rainy day?10750197_10205027049140095_2972563896792938482_o10636830_10205027050140120_2896212051889112366_o10631246_10205027050780136_5906156636644839702_oOur Brittle.

Thought my doll days were days of the past.

Yes, I thought I’d made my last doll and doll clothes years ago.  Until recently my youngest granddaughter is oly 17.  Last night Destiny and I got busy and made 2 “Bubble Guppies”  She loves watching this cartoon show and so we did our best.  I set her at the embroidery machine and she got to “Push buttons”. (She is 3 and loves buttons) while I cut a body out and stitched it up.  Ended up with a blonde and a blue haired one.  Blue is her favorite.  Here is one. img_20170204_141201738This is what happens after 1 hour in the sewing room with a 3yr old…IMG_20180725_074552843We did fit some gardening and finger painting into the mix.  Was a very busy day and Oh I forgot we had to fill the mud puddle just in case.

You know sometimes we (me)get so set on what is expected of an adult(turning65 soon) and forget to just be our silly selves sometimes.  Destiny this is something this grandma is going to remember to do more.  I want to embrace each and every goofy thought that come into my head.

I am trying to decide what to make next, but Destiny has asked for 10 (her magic number) more mermaids.  We will see if I get more made.  What is on your drawing board for today?  Next week?

I got busy in the yard yesterday and didn’t get to the computer.  I have the blisters to show for this.  Today I have started working on a wall hanging that I got while in Texas this summer.  It is a welcome wall hanging that is about 31×15 inches.  It is a mix of machine embroidery, applique and quilting so I thought I would work on it today.  It took me a while to get to it because I had an eye appointment and the eyes were dilated.  Not the easiest thing is to sew while blurry.  I got the quilting done on the background and the black and white blocks for the borders are almost finished.  IMG_20180723_200510821This is what I am working on right now. Isn’t it cute?  Well time to get things ready for Destiny(granddaughter) for tomorrow.  Sweet dreams and till tomorrow.

What a wonderful Saturday

This morning when I got home from Weight Watchers(yes, I watch my weight go up and down), Hubby was ready and we went Downtown Kansas City to the River Market and we got some fresh peaches and cream corn, bell peppers, and lots of spices.  I love getting my spices there, they are only $2 a scoop and each scoop is about 3 ounces or 81 grams. They have a richer flavor than what I can get in the stores and some that are hard to find in the local stores.  From there we went on a little road trip(about an hour east) to Waverly, MO and bought peaches and watermelon.  IMG_20180721_114325111IMG_20180721_114329024IMG_20180721_114340186When we got home I put my spices in containers, cut up watermelon and in refrig. Then shucked corn, cut most off cob and bagged 10 quarts and in freezer, some whole ears in the freezer, and a few in the refrig for tonight.  Peaches are washed and in a bowl on the table.  I think I will make a peach salsa for dinner tomorrow night.  Some grilled shrimp and fresh corn.  Sounds pretty good.  I think I will have to make some fresh bread to go with it.

There is nothing like fresh vegetables in the winter. My husbands grandmother would cut corn off the cob and freeze then when she was going to cook it she put it in a pan with milk, 1 tsp of sugar, butter, salt and pepper.  When it had been cooking for a while she mixed in a rue of milk and flour to thicken and it was the best cream corn ever.  I loved the way she cooked and now over 45 yrs I have all her recipes.  Nothing like a dollop of butter the size of an brown egg.

All this done by 1 pm and now sitting with a cold glass of sweet tea(sweetner no sugar) and my computer.  Later I will move to the sewing machine.

What are you doing on this beautiful Saturday afternoon?  I will go outside and work in the back garden.  Where I got all this energy I have no idea, but it is great while it lasts.  You have a wonderful day and until tomorrow.


Need New Motivation

I have finished all my unfinished projects and am wanting to start something new.  I know I have gotten into a rut and now is the time for me to jump in and try something new.  The only applique quilt I’ve done is the Sunbonnet Sue too many years ago.  I am now looking thru my books to see what I have.  Any suggestions?  Hubby is planning on vacation and I will be spending a lot of time in the car(trip is from Glacier Nat. Park in Montana to Arizona) and I like to have something to do while riding.  I figure I can cut all the pieces before I go and put each block in a baggie and in a month’s time have a few done.

I decided one thing I needed were some new scissors and I fell I fell in love with them.  Stainless steel tailor shears and are so light and sharp.  I usually purchase Singer or Fiskers.  These were on sale and then Christmas in July another 20% off.  The shears started out to be $88.22 on sale for 74.99 then 20% off was under 59.99 plus tax.  I then got some applique scissors and spent less than the original price of scissors.  I am one happy camper.  I got these from my sewing machine store and they will replace them if anything goes wrong.  I like this.

Where do you get most of your supplies?  Box store? Quilt store?

Any suggestions on a pattern for next project?

Have a great day.