Home Laser Cutters

Has anyone used a home laser cutter?  Hubby is interested and we are confused on which one is good and what should we look for.  I did some research on the computer and am at a total loss.  One thing I do know is that I can use it on cutting fabric.  He wants it for wood.  Here are some questions we have. 1) what is a good middle of the road cutter?  2) what are things that are important to have? 3) What are the good and bad about them?

I honestly don’t know how much he would use it, but it is rare when he says he wants something.

This morning I did get my split rail fence finished and will sandwich it tomorrow and hopefully I will have another one to sandwich also.

For those of you who quilt on your home machine do you use a hoop?  I had a friend tell me it went faster for her and gave her more control.  I am not sure.  I may just try and see what happens.

Boy, my brain seems all over the place so I think I will put it to work on a quilt.  Have a wonderful day.


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One thought on “Home Laser Cutters

  1. I don’t use a hoop, but I only use my walking foot. I have seen several people at shows using hoops, I have seen people using those 3/4 hoops with raised parts for your hands to hold, and both seemed to do well. I think most of the people I know who DO use a hoop are using it with an embroidery machine, and not freehand quilting, though. I think it could get really annoying. The gloves I see a lot. When I use my walking foot, I just “fluff and stuff” as Paula Reid does, though I don’t have her bat scooters, which would probably make it a little easier. Until I learned what she does, I was really frustrated, even by WFQ.


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