I don’t know about anyone else, but Spring didn’t last long here in Kansas City, MO.  It seems like it went from winter to Summer.  With summer brings very little time to be in the house and in the sewing room.  I do like being outside and so i have spent so much time out there.  I will be spending more time sewing and computering (not really a word, but what I feel) evenings this week.  We have only 4 weeks to get ready for the next fair.

I am working on 2 quilts right now.  The one taking the front stage is a quilt of Valor.  It will go to my nephew who served in Afghanistan as a Medic. This quilt is coming together nicely and when the top is done I will post it.  I would really like to get it done so when I go to Texas I can take it to him rather than mail it.  It will be a total surprise as his girlfriend has gotten me all the information when he was out of town.  No, he doesn’t read this blog so I am safe.

This last weekend I have learned something new.  Lavender keeps bugs away.  Mary, my daughter, made necklace diffusers and gave Alicia and myself each one.  She put lavender on ours and while people were slapping at bugs we weren’t.

Enjoy your summer days.

IMG_8392IMG_4131IMG_4132IMG_4135IMG_4147IMG_4182IMG_4190Visiting some of local fun spots.  Start at Clinton’s Ice Cream Parlor(Harry Truman would walk here from time to time), to Independence Courthouse. You can take some great tours from here.  Next we go to the Kansas City Library in Kansas City, MO.  Life size chess pieces can be played with on the 5th floor patio and then the other 2 are pictures of outside the building.  Have a great day.

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3 thoughts on “Summer

  1. What neat photos in and around your area! Thank you so much. I love seeing other place. I’m looking forward to finding that QOV as I move forward.


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