Nothing about sewing or crafting

This last few weeks have been a comedy.  Ever have one of those times when something goes crazy and you think “How did all this happen?”  Well it started with going grocery shopping 2 weeks ago… I went to get out of the SUV and got a foot caught on the handles of my grocery recycle bags and I did a (to me) slow motion fall out of the car.  Stood up like nothing happen and poor hubby was just sitting there watching. Not a bruise on me.  I guess the years ago training of Aikdo and learning to take a fall came in handy.  Or so I thought.  As the week turned into 2 I was having pressure in the right side of my neck and finally went to the Dr.  I pulled the muscle from the shoulder to up the neck.  2 prescriptions later and a heating bag we will see what happens.  Then ice maker goes out.  Get bags of ice until repairman can come.  Freezer stops freezing and $400 later new motor and ice maker.  The repairman put in an electric icemaker to the tune of $300.  Expensive ice.  Then we figure all is good and decide to have our Oak tree in the front trimmed up and a Redbud tree stump removed.  Easy enough.  NOPE…had to have the utilities mark the yard, now yellow and blue paint on sidewalk and grass.  Stump still there waiting for I don’t know what, but they aren’t even close to each other.  OK  done.

I can’t get upset over the things going on in the world.  I think the stupid bug has hit so many people.  I have gotten to where the tv is off most of the day so I don’t have to listen to all the insanity.  What is happening with human beings?  Have they forgotten the “Golden Rule”?

With all the craziness stay safe and laugh at yourself.  Makes life less stressful.  This is my favorite saying…

” Don’t squat when wearing spurs.”  or “Don’t sweat the small stuff because in the grand scheme of things, it is all small stuff.”

This Monday brings good and bad and this is life.  The bad it is summer and the ice maker is out.  So out to Sonic and get a bag of ice and life is good.  Repair man comes today to replace it. Hubby make beautiful wood work, plays beautiful music, but mechanically inclined he missed the boat on that one.

This is what he is working on now for the next Craft fair.  He has made them for each branch of the US Military.  IMG_20180602_130536287

The good is I am finishing the 2 Quillows and then will be starting on an applique quilt.  I am thinking of making a small applique quilt as I have never tried one.  I am worried if I start one too big I will get over whelmed and put it aside and leave unfinished.

Any suggestions on a good applique pattern to put on a small quilt.  I am leaning towards  an Hawaiian quilt  or a Sun Bonnet Sue.  Both of these would make a cute doll quilt or baby quilt.   What are your thoughts?  I really would like to know.


Row by Row stated

I have been patiently waiting for the Row By Row Experience started.  This year’s theme is music.  I don’t necessarily make the traditional Row by Row quilts but I like the designs as table runners and so on.  I am making a list of where I need to go around me to get the easy patterns.  THEN comes vacation.  Even tho we go in Sept and Oct, and the row by row are officially done, I will buy the kits, or order the pattern while I am out to use later.  Do any of you collect these?  What I do collect are the license plates from every Quilt shop I visit.  My goal is to get one from all 50 states here in the US. We are planning on a short trip to Houston, Tx. Not sure when and I will plan stops on the way home.  Then end of Sept. we will head out from Indep. MO to Glacier National Park in Montana, then to Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming,  then slowly make our way thru to Arizona, and New Mexico.  Hubby and I have a perfect way to go on vacations.  He collects stamps from National Parks and decides where we are going and what highways to take to see what we want to see.  Then I plan on the stops by doing my research on quilt shops.  For this the Row by Row Map works perfect.

Do you have a favorite way to find new quilt shops?  Do you have a favorite shop in any of these areas that should be a must on our travels.

Right now I am trying to use up a large amount of my stash so I will have room for more.

Have a fun weekend and be safe.

My Quilt of Valor is done and ready for delivery.  I am trying to decide if we wait to deliver in person or send to mom to give or girlfriend to give.  Not 100% sure when we will be going south.  Will probably send to girlfriend or mom.  That will be decided later today to see if I can make it to post office today or tomorrow.  IMG_6053

Today will sandwiching a quilt and cutting squares for another.  I feel if I am not working on something I am being lazy.  I have realized I will not be the type of person who can relax and watch tv, read a book, etc.  I have to be doing something.  Don’t get me wrong, I read daily, have my favorite shows(those I watch or listen to while doing something else)and will spend time watching time go by.    So quilting and sewing is the life for me. 🙂

How do you find your relaxing and de stressing from your everyday life?


Happy Father’s day to all you Dads out there.  We have had a very quiet day and I was able to start putting the binding on my Quilt of Valor.  I will be adding the label to it and then it will be ready to ship.  So very excited for him to get it. Here it is before the quilting and binding. IMG_20180611_210758811

An amazing young man, with a big heart.

After this quilt the sewing room is going to get a good cleaning.  I have books that have been in a file cabinet for 2 yrs now and I haven’t even looked at them.  I guess it is time to look thru them and see what I really want and what I don’t.  Most of the time I think ” I may need that some day.”  Anyone else with that problem?  At least I will revisit and maybe get some new ideas.    Will enjoy seeing some of these books from the 1970’s.  See what has changed if anything.  Again Happy Father’s Day.


Summer Memories

It seems I use winter as a reason to quilt more and then summer comes and I use the heat to stay indoors and sew.  Guess you could say I like sewing.  This week will be in the high 90’s with a heat index in the 100’s.  For many of my Facebook and Blogging friends they would be happy with this weather, but I am spoiled.  With that said, I was planning on what to do with the 3 yr old granddaughter and decided to put a quilt under the tree and have a picnic.  She loves doing this.  I remember sitting on a blanket or quilt under the trees to play.  This was before air conditioning.  Between the hours of noon and 2pm was “the hottest part of the day” and in SE Texas hot is hot.  NOT hottest.  We would have the garden hose for water and sit under the tree.  This was before Dad brought an old cement water trough home for us to “swim” in.  This was so much fun and the neighbor hood kids would come to join in the fun.

This is what I want to do is make wonderful memories with each of my grandkids. This seems to be a 2 day post, sorry.

We went out and found flowers, acorns, “moon” rocks(these are shinny rocks) and then had an afternoon of Candy Land, and Shutes and Ladders.   Was great.  I did make parrots and dragons out of clay and as one of my daughters told me the parrots looked like 2 legged dogs after a night at a bar. So glad my audience was a 3 yr old.  Was a wonderful day and I love it.

Today will bring the finishing touches on my Quilt of Valor.  Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of it soon as it is a surprise and I don’t want the family to see it.

Hope you enjoy your day and in this heat stay hydrated.