No Quilting Today

This is strange, I am in the sewing room and there will be no quilting.  BUT, there will be sewing going on.  I made a blouse this morning , was a fast a cute pattern. Only a front and a back.  I did put a bit of elastic under the bust to draw it in a little.  Not sure if I will keep it there or not.  Will have to see.img_20180523_140735181982619556.jpg It is the top photo.  After that we went to exercise then came home and I cleaned the kitchen cabinets, dusted nick-knacks, and got a little mending done.  Now for an afternoon of cutting out another blouse.  This will be a long one to wear with leggins.  I don’t have the shape to wear leggins and regular t-shirts.  Nor the youthfulness.  But I do love them.

I am trying to tire myself out so much that my brain will shut off at night and I can sleep.  Too much going on most good, but some not.  Immediate next 2 weeks 2 granddaughters graduating High School, Son and Daughter In-Law(I hate that word.  She is now our daughter) moving into their new home, Craft Fair and the not good, Gary is still getting fluid on the lungs so it is a wait and see xrays in 3 weeks and may have to drain, and the biggest reason for needing to be tired, my sister is very bravely losing the battle with leukemia.  Don’t want the mind to go there at night.

With that said I may have to get the border on a quilt and sandwich it to quilt and then put the last 80 blocks (they are 5×3.5 inch) on my split rail quilt.  But that will be tomorrow.  Right now I am so content to be looking out the window at my roses, hostas, and yucca.  I have some blooms on my moon flower and can’t wait to see it bloom.  It does bloom in the late evening thru the night and closes about 9am.  Here she is from last year.img_20170901_200335937112657588.jpgimg_20170830_184800694_top2011614636.jpgSuch a light sweet fragrance.

Here are a few of my flowers…

Take time to day to do something for yourself.  Enjoy.

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