Organizing needles

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be acquiring a rather large group of needles.  Needles for leather, jean, jersey, metallic, embroidery, quilting, universal, and top stitching. Oh I forgot the double needles, and so many more.  I tried using an old pill dispenser, you know with the days of the week on them for all your meds.  Nope didn’t work.  I was forever hunting thru drawers, in boxes, or even little cups to find what I wanted.  Then what do you do with the needle you have used, but is still good, but you want to change it for a new project???

My answer came to me while I was organizing Hubby’s new meds.  Since his Lung surgery, everything has changed and old meds disposed of at the local Police Dept., I had all these pill bottles that were just too good to throw away.  So I have a bottle for each kind of needle and it is labeled.  This way the new ones stay in the container you buy them in and the slightly used ones just dropped into the bottle.  I keep the biggest bottle next to my machine with a Big label “SHARPIES” dispose here.  I put the old ones in this bottle and then when bottle is full I can put it in the trash or in another container we use for his insulin sharpies.  Then discard them that way.  Working so great.

I also was trimming a quilt and had lots of thin pieces of fabric that were less than 1/8th inch wide so I took the rotary cutter and started slicing them thinner, put them in an empty bowl, set outside in my garden and then watched the fun begin.  The squirrels and birds have been taking them for nests.  Another way to recycle.  I decided to do this when I went to sit in the backyard swing with Granddaughter and the squirrels had eaten holes in my cushions and taken the stuffing out.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I will keep the thread and skimpy fabric pieces in the bowl.

Have you some great recycle ideas?  I would love to hear them.

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2 thoughts on “Organizing needles

  1. I keep used needles for my future (imaginary) projects on making fabric cards etc in an old metal tin. Maybe someday I need to discard them – ha! Your system sounds good!


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