WOW Time Flies By

This is only Saturday and so far so much has happened.  Our son and Daughter in Law has purchased a new home.  It is only 108 yrs old and has some little quirks.  They will adjust I am sure.  We spent yesterday helping them move.  it was fun helping and visiting with her parents.  Then today getting ready for Graduation.  2 Granddaughters graduating from High School.  Tomorrow church and then helping son move some more items.  I hope to get some sewing in tonight and tomorrow night.

How are you spending your Memorial Weekend?   On Monday I will BBQ and some friends from Florida will be here.  I can’t wait to see them.  So much fun.  I am attaching some photos from the moving and graduation..img_20180525_122941430624530606.jpgimg_20180525_132519382751046784.jpgimg_20180525_132616288867233900.jpgLook at those crazy stairs…. AND the first piece of furniture.   A POOL TABLE.  It is sitting in the dinning room until their stronger friends can help get it upstairs.

IMG_5856IMG_5866IMG_5885IMG_6015Cousins are the best.

Happy Memorial Weekend.

No Quilting Today

This is strange, I am in the sewing room and there will be no quilting.  BUT, there will be sewing going on.  I made a blouse this morning , was a fast a cute pattern. Only a front and a back.  I did put a bit of elastic under the bust to draw it in a little.  Not sure if I will keep it there or not.  Will have to see.img_20180523_140735181982619556.jpg It is the top photo.  After that we went to exercise then came home and I cleaned the kitchen cabinets, dusted nick-knacks, and got a little mending done.  Now for an afternoon of cutting out another blouse.  This will be a long one to wear with leggins.  I don’t have the shape to wear leggins and regular t-shirts.  Nor the youthfulness.  But I do love them.

I am trying to tire myself out so much that my brain will shut off at night and I can sleep.  Too much going on most good, but some not.  Immediate next 2 weeks 2 granddaughters graduating High School, Son and Daughter In-Law(I hate that word.  She is now our daughter) moving into their new home, Craft Fair and the not good, Gary is still getting fluid on the lungs so it is a wait and see xrays in 3 weeks and may have to drain, and the biggest reason for needing to be tired, my sister is very bravely losing the battle with leukemia.  Don’t want the mind to go there at night.

With that said I may have to get the border on a quilt and sandwich it to quilt and then put the last 80 blocks (they are 5×3.5 inch) on my split rail quilt.  But that will be tomorrow.  Right now I am so content to be looking out the window at my roses, hostas, and yucca.  I have some blooms on my moon flower and can’t wait to see it bloom.  It does bloom in the late evening thru the night and closes about 9am.  Here she is from last year.img_20170901_200335937112657588.jpgimg_20170830_184800694_top2011614636.jpgSuch a light sweet fragrance.

Here are a few of my flowers…

Take time to day to do something for yourself.  Enjoy.

Peggy’s Pocket

I was looking for ideas for craft fairs and in talking to one of my sisters, I told her i was looking for something to make and sale for under $5.  She suggested some type of little carrier for a few crayons for the younger kids when going to restaurants.  So with this in mind I set out to see about this.  Here is what I came up with.  IMG_20180521_084840585Now keep in mind crayons are shorter than my dry erase markers and I added paper.  What is worse than being bored?  Wanting to draw and write and nothing to write on.  It measures 6×8 and folds in half like a wallet, snaps, and fits in a pocket or bag.  When asked what it was called the first thing to pop out of my mouth were Peggy’s Pockets.  So that is what they are called.  I have been making them in all kinds of my scrap fabric.     So very much fun.  Now to get a few more made today and then I will be ready.

Enjoy today as if there was no other.

Organizing needles

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be acquiring a rather large group of needles.  Needles for leather, jean, jersey, metallic, embroidery, quilting, universal, and top stitching. Oh I forgot the double needles, and so many more.  I tried using an old pill dispenser, you know with the days of the week on them for all your meds.  Nope didn’t work.  I was forever hunting thru drawers, in boxes, or even little cups to find what I wanted.  Then what do you do with the needle you have used, but is still good, but you want to change it for a new project???

My answer came to me while I was organizing Hubby’s new meds.  Since his Lung surgery, everything has changed and old meds disposed of at the local Police Dept., I had all these pill bottles that were just too good to throw away.  So I have a bottle for each kind of needle and it is labeled.  This way the new ones stay in the container you buy them in and the slightly used ones just dropped into the bottle.  I keep the biggest bottle next to my machine with a Big label “SHARPIES” dispose here.  I put the old ones in this bottle and then when bottle is full I can put it in the trash or in another container we use for his insulin sharpies.  Then discard them that way.  Working so great.

I also was trimming a quilt and had lots of thin pieces of fabric that were less than 1/8th inch wide so I took the rotary cutter and started slicing them thinner, put them in an empty bowl, set outside in my garden and then watched the fun begin.  The squirrels and birds have been taking them for nests.  Another way to recycle.  I decided to do this when I went to sit in the backyard swing with Granddaughter and the squirrels had eaten holes in my cushions and taken the stuffing out.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I will keep the thread and skimpy fabric pieces in the bowl.

Have you some great recycle ideas?  I would love to hear them.

Day at the Zoo

Tuesday we had granddaughter Destiny so no sewing, but we did make a day of the zoo.  Little lady had so much fun and came face to face with penguins almost right off the bat.  She did not want to leave them.

The day was a test to see how Grandpa handled lots of walking after his lung surgery.  He did great.  We walked for over 3 hours and road the train for only about 20 minutes of that.  We were able to see baby monkeys, tigers, camels, kangaroos, otters, sea lions, Polar bear, penguins and so much more.  Was a great day.  When we got home we just laid around and watched Frozen twice.

I don’t know for sure how she slept, but this grandma slept like a baby.  Great day at the Zoo.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out here.  I truly hope your day was all you wanted it to be.  Heard from my wonderful siblings. We heard from all the kids and our son and daughter in law came over for a visit and then an afternoon of sewing.  The very best of all worlds.

Today will be a rainy day and so I will spend it cleaning the house(gotta get the work done before I play. Actually just vacuum, and do laundry.) Then either work on genealogy, or work some more on a few last minute craft fair projects, or work on my Split Rail Fence quilt.  Tonight is Quilt Guild Meeting and I am looking forward to tonight’s meeting.  Our Guest Speaker is Linda Bratten.  She will be showing  thread painting.  Sounds like so much fun and something I have been interesting in.  I will let you know how it turns out. Check her out.

What would you say your big plans for today will be?    I do enjoy hearing what everyone is up to.  Have a wonderful day.

Hello again

Good afternoon all.  Well here I am again.  Today I have been working on a split rail fence quilt and I am about 1/5th the way done.  Rows 5 of 25 together.IMG_20180512_095717583I did get a few breaks in today and finished the Birthday gift.  I need a few finishing touches.  img_20180511_1521000871512996663.jpgGot the black border on and hangers.   Feels good to be getting back on track again.

Tomorrow will bring finishing tea towels and then try and get more done on the split rail fence.  Plus Mother’s Days.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day?  Me?  Sewing and spending time with hubby.  My kids all have their own families and will spend time with them, I think.  We will see.  I hope you have a wonderful day.