Prom season is here.

The last few days have kept me busy making alterations to Prom Dresses.  I enjoy seeing the girls so excited about prom and dresses, pictures, and so on.  It is great.  Today I will make the last of the alterations to Cc’s dress and then wait to see their photos with hair done up and all their photos they take around town.

When this dress is finished I will be working on making a few more aprons and then finish the Split Rail Quilt top and then ready to do the quilting on that one and the South west one I have been working on.

Alicia and Cc and Alicia’s Boyfriend are out taking Senior pictures.  Mary is making some soaps and bath bombs.  Such a wonderful day in the world of One Creative Family.  Whoop whoop whoop.

Just thought I would share some fun Spring Time fun.

So many pieces

Have you ever loved a pattern for a quilt only to be bored while working it?  That is what I found yesterday.  I am working on a Split Rail Fence pattern.  cut 2400 pieces of 3.5×1.25 of fabric.  Sewing 480 blocks of 5 colors.  Was able to catch up on some shows I haven’t been able to watch and clean out some recorded movies.  Not such a bad day.  I am still excited about the finished look and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to finish all these little squares.  Pressing them will take a while, so I will be keeping that finished project in mind.

Spring has sprung in Independence, MO.  Yard is a beautiful thick and green and trees are starting to bud out.  I need to get out in my front wild flower garden and get the weeds out while they are still a few there.  I will be trying Hollyhocks again. I haven’t been able to get them to grow so I am hoping this year I can.  That will be today and maybe tomorrow we can get to the nursery to get some Columbine and herbs.  Such a beautiful day.

I am also working on making a one of a kind Quilt of Valor for my nephew.  He is the most amazing young man.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

A Little Serious, but not crafting

As the big “C” word, Cancer has worked its way into our live has put a whole new view in me. We as a group of people get so focused in our lives and worry and pray for friends and others who are fighting the cancer in their lives. When it hits home with you it changes us in many ways. I admire all the people out there and close to me who are fighting the fight of their lives. They are fighting with strength only God can give them, Dignity, and such wonderful spirit. It isn’t only cancer, it is any disease that try as hard as it can to take this dignity from them that refuse to let the disease win are my inspiration and have my full admiration.

I write this because for so long One Creative Family has family members with Lukemia, Testicular cancer, Lung cancer, and ALS.  I can only guess how many other people are struggling with most diseases that are hard.  Today I just wanted to say I admire the strength and power these people show and feel for the pain, sickness, and desire of giving up, but not.

You are Heroes.

Fabulous Friday

Times like the last few weeks have make me take stock of what is happening in my little world.  It makes me think the Good Lord gives us a kick in the pants when we get too comfortable and complacent with our lives.  Now that that the last month and 1/2 are over I feel so blessed with life.  Hubby had a cough and that led to tests and that a spot on the lung and that led to the top left lung being removed and was cancer.  I say was because caught early enough it was able to be removed and he is on the mend.  This makes us more appreciative of everyone in our lives so much more.  Even though I have had hit and miss days of posting you all have kept me sane and grounded to where I was able to have the emotional strength to help our kids and Hubby thru this.  I have read your posts daily and while I didn’t respond they were so appreciated.  For this reason this is a “Mushy” post and want to say THANK YOU for your posts.  I counted on them.


Back in the Sewing room

I am so glad to be back in the sewing room for more than the obvious reason.  Hubby had surgery to remove a cancer from his lung and is now home recovering.  After several days in the hospital I am so glad he is home and now to start getting live back to some sort of routine.

Yesterday I was able to finish my calendar holder.  img_20180416_0616543331618062396.jpgThe center of the star has clear vinyl so you can put your favorite photo there.  I have started writing up directions for this.  Once it is finished I will post it.

I will be making about 10 more of these for our craft fairs and probably about 10-15 more bed pillows.img_20171112_1806346141748593138.jpgSo with this I better get busy.

Live each day as it is the last.


Something new and Different from us

I have been spending quite a bit of time at the hospital with hubby. As we have spent many hours in waiting rooms and now hospital rooms it has given me time to appreciate the beautiful artwork surrounding me. This starts the minute you walk into the hospital. This beautiful glass artwork hangs from the ceiling of the 3rd floor and is observerd from the 3rd floor and the 1st floor looking up. So beautiful. This includes the staircase.

This last one is in the waiting room

Titled “No Broken Hearts”

Log Cabin pattern

Last night our quilt guild  guest speaker was Ronnie Elmore,  who specializes in Log Cabin and Courthouse Step Quilts.

Here is a little of his show.

Something he said was the Log Cabin pattern has been traced back to the Egyptian’s. The ancient Egyptians were buried with their pets and some of these pet mummies were wrapped in log cabin pattern. Never knew.

The first 4 quilts are antique quilt and the first one is dated to early 1800’s. These are all made with the Log Cabin or Courthouse Step patterns. Even the patterns that are round. I do think I need to rethink the Log Cabin.

He and his wife are quilters. His wife is a quilt appraiser.

Learning is fun isn’t it?