Quilting made easier

Since I don’t have a long arm quilting machine I decided I needed to find something that makes my quilting easier. Especially on those large King Size quilts.  I did just that.  I found something called “Sewslip multi-purpose sheets” from Gossamer Designs.  I love it.  img_20180320_074457572353160098.jpgIt measures 18×12 and sits on your machine arm.  There is a hole that fits over the dogfeed of the machine.  img_20180320_074445473_hdr533506254.jpgThis makes the quilt sandwich just slide around.  It reduces the drag from a not so slick machine base and doesn’t take as much flopping the quilt, or tugging of it.  I first saw this on a Youtube video by Man Sew and is sold thru Missouri Star Quilts. (I am sold on both these places.  I paid under $30 for it and two years later it is still like new.  Believe me it is on the machine at least once a week.

What do you use to help make your quilting go smoothly?  I am always on the look out for new gadgets. Now I have heard that the silicone baking sheets work also and are cheaper.  Your thoughts on this?  I have never used them even in baking.

Here is a BIG AND IMPORTANT  question for any quilters out there.  How do you decide what to quilt where on a quilt? This is my biggest struggle and am constantly trying to choose.  Sometimes I just know, but not for the most part.

Just a bit of useless information………………TODAY IS ICE CREAM DAY.  Go out and enjoy some.

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