Beautiful Monday

All UFO’s finished and I am getting ready to start on some more aprons and pet mats, and a few more Quillows.  I don’t want to make too many until I see how they sell.  This past few weeks I have been trying to do too much.  I don’t seem to be getting anything totally accomplished and this drives me crazy.  I have gone back to my lists.  I love having structure.  Some days it is chaos, but there is some structure.  How do you work best?  How do you manage to get everything you want to do in a day?  Do you focus on one thing at a time?

Since I know myself to be an all or nothing personality, I have given myself time limits on each different task.  These are fun things such as sewing, painting, and genealogy.  I do housework then spend the rest of the day in thew sewing room or doing what I want.  Hopefully I can get it all done and done well each day.  We will see how this goes.

Now on to a new project.  Here is the fabric and pattern I will be using for  my next quilt.img_20180226_083441596674723162.jpgI would seriously like to know how you do all you want to do in a day and be successful with it.  You may have a better way than I do.  Till tomorrow have a great day and keep yourself well.

And They Came Tumbling Down

I have had shelves about 20inches wide and 12 inches deep in my sewing room from the floor to the ceiling.  I have put books or fabric and things like this for years.  Sunday night I went to get some fabric off one of the shelves and the top shelf started to fall and all of a sudden I was in an avalanche of fabric.  Hubby had to spend most of Monday re building them for me.  Now I have them more organized.  We decided I need a room the size of my sewing room 14×14 feet just for my fabric and books.  Not going to happen, but I can dream.

We  are under an winter ice watch until 6pm tonight. It is raining and I can see signs of ice outside already and wind is blowing sounding really cold.  Yesterday started out in the 60’s.  Now freezing rain.  A great day for sewing.

I was working on a quilt for a lady in the nursing home who gave me just 3.5 inch squares and said it is going to be a King size and there were no directions so I did this pattern.IMG_20180212_083320373

After getting all the rows made and putting together my daughter took a picture and showed the lady’s mother and we found out it was to be a Nine Patch.  So seam ripper in hand I will get this done.  I have a full day planned.

What do you do when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate?

I normally sew every day, but due to life, eye issues, and working on genealogy I haven’t hardly touched the machine.  With this happening I look at the computer and think, “What to blog about?”  I was brain dead  This morning after a little while of sewing it has opened the mind and I have all kinds of things to make or do.  Crazy how the mind works isn’t it?

I will be working on making aprons these are so much fun to make and useful.  Every time I get one made I think about what to add to the next one.  These are taking only a yard per apron.

I am thinking of making pot holders to match the aprons.  Well Granddaughter is knocking so till tomorrow.

Have you ever been asked to finish something?

I was given some fabric and there were 2 unfinished quilts and the person who gave it to me asked me to finish the 2 quilts.  One was a baby quilt and only needed a binding.  The other was stacks of 4 inch squares (cut by hand).  The squares were shades of purple and there was no pattern.  Judy told me her mother who is in a nursing home was going to make a King size quilt and started taking a turn for the worse and won’t be able to see it finished.  All I know is there are 12 squares to a row (they were labeled), but only 9 rows across.  What I have found out is there are 9 blocks (the 9 sets of 12).  There was some sewn together, but nothing to show what the pattern was desired.  Judy, the daughter, doesn’t know anything.

I spend 10 hours sewing yesterday and realized that the count of off.   Too many (by 500) of mixed light purples and not enough dark purple.  Instead of 9 rows only 8 rows.  So I am thinking of going on a fabric hunt today and if I can find the purple get enough to make the blocks 12×12 of the 4″ squares.

My question to everyone one is……….does a block HAVE to be square?  I always thought it did.  Or at least that is how I have always made them.  My goal is to get this finished this week.  Everything else is on hold.

The lady in the nursing home is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met and I want her quilt finished.


Each block will be like this, but if I can find the purple I will have 12 rows.

Have fun today.  What ever you do.

Easy Pinwheel Quillow

Sounds fun right?  It is thanks to Jenny Doan.  I love her Youtube videos, and have had the pleasure of meeting her a few times, learned to make easy and perfect pinwheels.  I am bringing back a project that my grandkids loved growing up( a mere 15 plus years).  It is a blanket with a pocket on the back.  When not used it folds up and tucks into the pocket to make a pillow.  I am making some for our craft fairs coming up in June.  They will be lap quilt size and perfect sizes for sleep overs.

If you haven’t seen Jenny’s video, and struggle to get on point pinwheels here is a quick overview of how to do it.

  1. I used 6″ squares, placing a print and a solid (white) face to face together.
  2. Sew all around the edges.  All 4 sides.
  3. Cut diagonally twice to make 4 triangles.
  4. Open up and press open.
  5. Place together making a pinwheel.  IMG_20180205_153701166.jpg Perfect points.  Can’t miss.

I then put a border around them and this is the finished top.  I will bind it with a bright gold.IMG_20180206_075259581Fun colors make a great pinwheel.

Do you have a favorite short cut pattern?  I would love to see it. Have a wonderful day.

Quilting questions I never thought about.

This last week a question was posted on Friends of Farmhouse Quilts about rulers and their accuracy among different brands. This jarred the memory to a mini workshop I attended last year at our quilt guild. Quilting 101. Now I will start out saying I am a self taught quilter.  I started out at the age of 8 or 9 learning to sew from my mother and grandmother.  I sewed clothes and craft items.

What I learned from this instructor surprised me.  Not that it takes a lot to surprise me, but here is what  I did learn…

  1. No 2 rulers measure the same. They will measure a little different. This doesn’t matter if this is the same brand or not.  Try this little experiment…cut a piece of fabric with your favorite ruler and now take another off the wall and measure the fabric.  Just a little off.  Not much just a hair, but too many little bits can add up to a whole lot.  I know different brands will measure different.
  2. Measuring with the same ruler would can make a difference. Where do you place the fabric to cut it.  By this I mean to cut a 5×5 inch square do you place your fabric under the 5 inch mark or to the left or right of the bold marking line?  This adds up on larger projects.
  3. Sewing machines will differ some what also.  If you have to change machines in mid project them the seams will be a little different.
  4. Needles.  Starting and ending with the same brand and size needle is important to exact size
  5. Thread thickness through out makes a difference.

All this is mind boggling for me. So this is how I combat all these pitfalls.  I use the same rulers through out the whole project.  Make sure I have a new needle and enough thread.  As far as machines there isn’t a lot I can do about this.

Even though I try and follow all these things, I will still have some wonky blocks from time to time.  But who isn’t a little wonky from time to time?

Do you have any more bits of information to be added to this list?

With all this said I have some pinwheel blocks to make.  While it is snowing outside I will be watching it blow and snow, quilt and smell my beans for chili cooking.

Have fun.


Are you going to e watching Football?

I will be looking at fabric trying to decide on what I want to make next.  I have the border to put on the Eagle wall hanging and then it will be finished.  I have quite a bit of fabric I have purchased from New Mexico, and Arizona.  I think I will make a Southwest quilt.  Will go great with my colors in the house.

I will be posting one of Alicia’s crocheted blankets.

Almost Reversible Blanket


This blanket is about 43×43 but gauge doesn’t really matter you can make it as big or little as you’d like.

I used 2 skiens of each pink, purple and white Red Hart WW yarn and an “I” hook, but one color at a time.

Stitches to know:

SC=single crochet

DC=double crochet

Herringbone=YO, insert hook into indicated stitch, YO pull through and pull through 1st loop on hook (you may have to twist your hook), YO pull through last 2 loops on hook.

Color change, change color with the last stitch of the row.

Special note: Ch1 at the beginning does not count as stitch.


Row 1) CA (color A) ch110, or an even number to make the size you would like.


Row 2) This will be the right side of the blanket. Working in the back humps (these are the bumps on the back side of the chain) sc in 2nd hump, *dc in next hump, sc in next hump*, repeat to the end. You should end with 109 stitches ending in sc and change to color B. (109 stitches) Turn


Row 3) CB ch1, herringbone stitch (YO, insert hook into indicated stitch, YO pull through and pull through 1st loop on hook (you may have to twist your hook), YO pull through last 2 loops on hook, in same stitch as ch1. Herringbone in each stitch across. Change to color C. (109 stitches) Turn.


Row 4) CC, ch1, sc in same stitch, *dc in next stitch, sc in next stitch* repeat to end. Change to color B. (109 stitches). Turn


Row 5) Repeat row 3


Row 6) CA, ch1, sc in same stitch, *dc in next stitch, sc in next stitch*, repeat to end. Change color to color B (109 stitches). Turn


Row 7) Repeat row 3


Row 8) Repeat row 4


Repeat rows 6 – 8 until the blanket measures 43×43.


After the last CA row has been worked change to CB, sc to end, DO NOT TURN. Work 3sc in last stitch, turn to work sc down the side, in last stitch work 3 sc, turn to work bottom, sc in each stitch to end, work 3sc in last stitch, turn and work 3sc on last side. Join w/ a slip stitch and fasten off. Weave in any ends.


This is a free pattern, please do not sell this pattern or pass it off as your own. You have permission to sell anything made with this pafamilyttern, however I ask that you mention you got it from Alicia Hill One Creative