Bunka Embroidery

Has anyone heard of Bunka Embroidery?  It is a close sister to Needle Punch Embroidery. My mother in law had a wonderful way with needle crafts.  If she could do it by hand she did it.  She taught my girls how to crochet and knit.  She kept her crafts going until her death at the age of 89.  I plan on following suite.  I have her Bunka Embroidery stock of needles and threads.  I plan on spending today researching directions  on doing this.  I have done Needle Punch, but not really sure about this.  The threads are more of a nylon twisted thread that seems to untwist as you work it.  Has anyone done any of this?  The directions she has are in Japanese.  She took some classes on this in the mid to late 70’s.

IMG_20180116_081921194_HDRIMG_20180116_082020509Here are a few of her projects she did.


I think I will be starting with pearl cotton and smaller, lot smaller design.   I know I can order some supplies on line still (I checked), but I also want to know if I can use the supplies that are more available and get the same quality.  Within the next week or so I will be comparing the two different threads and needles.  This will be interesting.

Does anyone do this type needle work?  Any suggestions?  I am more very interested.

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5 thoughts on “Bunka Embroidery

  1. I know this type of embroidery. I have not found any craft store in Canada that carries the thread. You should pull the thread apart as you go ahead of doing the punches. Most pictures are done from the right side of the material. The fuzzy pictures or parts of pictures are done with the longer needle from the wrong side of the material, then glued on the wrong side and brushed with a small wire brush to creat fur or fluff.


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