Ever been told off by a 3 yr old??????

I love the reactions of young children.  They are so fierce is what they say and do.  So real.  With this said our 3 yr of granddaughter was over yesterday and I was sewing the binding on a quilt.  I had my binding secure in place with my quilt clips.  Destiny comes up to meContinue reading “Ever been told off by a 3 yr old??????”

Last Friday of January

Since this is the last Friday of January I looked back to see if I have reached my goals. Quilting goals….yes all previous projects completed and New projects either started or ideas written down to be able to follow thru. Personal goals…not totally. More exercise check, weight goals not there, but still working. Healthier me…Continue reading “Last Friday of January”

Bunka Embroidery vs Needlepunch Embroidery

So far there are only a few differences between the two.  I am learning a lot and this is a fun process.  I decided instead of having 2 punches going at the same time I would work on the same design with both techniques.  Differences so far….  Threads. The Bunka thread is a stretchy threadContinue reading “Bunka Embroidery vs Needlepunch Embroidery”