Ever been told off by a 3 yr old??????

I love the reactions of young children.  They are so fierce is what they say and do.  So real.  With this said our 3 yr of granddaughter was over yesterday and I was sewing the binding on a quilt.  I had my binding secure in place with my quilt clips.  Destiny comes up to me to “help” when she saw the clips.  This is when she raised her voice, hands on hips and demanding , “Why do you have MY things on your blanket?  Those are mine.  You don’t use MY things on your things.”  She then took them off the binding and put them back in the container.  After that every time I picked the quilt up she came to inspect it to see if I had HER things.  I have to admit I did do this some to see what she will do.

This afternoon will be more thread painting.  I will give this advice, either buy LOTS of the color threads you need or keep the dye lot number so you can go back and get more.  I have gone thru 3 spools already and need to go for more.  Still well worth it.  Another tip I found out by accident.  I decided to take a few stitches out on a sample piece and it was so time consuming and almost impossible, so I took out my little electric razor. I use this to cut threads and it works great for lots of threads.  I went over the threads and what it did was made the threads feel like fur.  I may do this for a puppy next.  Not on an eagle tho.

Well I am off to buy more thread and my own quilt clips.  Have a great day.

Play today.

Today I was thinking of a way to get people’s attention when going to craft fairs.  I know I look to see the unusual.  What about you?  I wanted to come up with something unique to get people’s attention to come see what we have in out booth.  Want to see what I thought about?  Well even if you don’t here it is…..

IMG_20180129_125749308Can you say you have seen a booth full of toilet paper???????  We will have for all occasions.

Now on to serious things.  I started my thread paining and found out zig zag stitches are good to use.  Now I need to work on tension on the back.  It is a little loose.  But after 2 days this is getting to be lots of fun.  IMG_20180129_104432066.jpgI never thought about it, but it is important to start with the darker colors and then stack them to the lighter shades.  After doing this then I will go back with the lightest shades to detail it.  If I am doing something wrong, please let me know.  I have watched some Youtube videos and am being self taught.  Always open to suggestions.

We will see what tomorrow brings, well maybe not, it is a day with a 3 yr old Granddaughter who thinks she is the adult.  LOL love my Grand kids.

Keep having fun.

Thread Painting?

I have been very hit and miss with my blogging and keeping up with other friends on line.  For this I am sorry.  I hope the last 3 months haven’t hit as hard for all.  Now that things are hopefully back to normal I will spend more time watching the squirrels playing, sewing and visiting on the computer.  I have decided to try and do some thread painting so I will see how it turns out.  I have this panel to make into a wall hanging.IMG_20180122_051929740I plan on doing the thread painting on the eagle and then free motion quilting over the rest.  Any suggestions?  Pointers?   This will be fun.

Last Friday of January

Since this is the last Friday of January I looked back to see if I have reached my goals.

Quilting goals….yes all previous projects completed and New projects either started or ideas written down to be able to follow thru.

Personal goals…not totally. More exercise check, weight goals not there, but still working. Healthier me… check.  Off blood pressure meds.

All in all January has been a good month.  Now for the new projects.  I am making a new Dragonfly Dance  quilt and an Old Glory wall hanging.  Here is a photo of the Old Glory wall hangingIMG_20180122_051929740I am excited for these new projects.

Dragonfly Dance (1st one finished)

IMG_20171231_094828812Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling to finish a project and then start a new one?  Happy Sewing today. Do something fun today and smile a lot.



Bunka vs Embroidery pt

Well after doing both Bunka and Needlepunch this week, (I have never done either) the only difference is the thread.  The Bunka is very scrunchy apposed to regular embroidery thread and pearl cotton.  I love working with this and once I get the rhythm and tension it went fast.  These are pictures of my first few attempts.  Not bad.IMG_20180121_123022420

On a different note Thursday night Hubby surprised me with a trip to Hancock of Paducah.  6  1/2 hours there, shopping for 3 hours and 6  1/2 hours home.  Was fantastic.

Now to start using some of this wonderful fabrics.


Bunka Embroidery vs Needlepunch Embroidery

So far there are only a few differences between the two.  I am learning a lot and this is a fun process.  I decided instead of having 2 punches going at the same time I would work on the same design with both techniques.  Differences so far….

  1.  Threads. The Bunka thread is a stretchy thread that is woven together and you have to gently pull to untwist the thread.  Regular Embroidery floss you divide into 3 groups and use 2 ply.
  2. Thread again, you don’t cut the thread off the spool or card into lengths as regular embroidery.IMG_20180117_131716197IMG_20180117_131800764_TOP
  3.  The hooping.  Bunka is used on a wooden frame that the design is tacked to while Needlepunch is in a hoop.  As I don’t have a frame it will be a hoop.IMG_20180117_132159924  This is the design I will be working with.  Till tomorrow.

Bunka Embroidery

Has anyone heard of Bunka Embroidery?  It is a close sister to Needle Punch Embroidery. My mother in law had a wonderful way with needle crafts.  If she could do it by hand she did it.  She taught my girls how to crochet and knit.  She kept her crafts going until her death at the age of 89.  I plan on following suite.  I have her Bunka Embroidery stock of needles and threads.  I plan on spending today researching directions  on doing this.  I have done Needle Punch, but not really sure about this.  The threads are more of a nylon twisted thread that seems to untwist as you work it.  Has anyone done any of this?  The directions she has are in Japanese.  She took some classes on this in the mid to late 70’s.

IMG_20180116_081921194_HDRIMG_20180116_082020509Here are a few of her projects she did.


I think I will be starting with pearl cotton and smaller, lot smaller design.   I know I can order some supplies on line still (I checked), but I also want to know if I can use the supplies that are more available and get the same quality.  Within the next week or so I will be comparing the two different threads and needles.  This will be interesting.

Does anyone do this type needle work?  Any suggestions?  I am more very interested.