One more day closer to Christmas

Well here I am 1 day closer to Christmas and getting the baking going good and…………..the stove dies….Yep, Friday night at 6 pm we go out and after 2 hours of looking we found one at Nebraska Furniture and they delivered it Saturday afternoon.  Baked some Molasses cookies and now today I will finish the baking and candy making.  Candy, baking, and gifts finished.  Now we can face the trials of Monday and Tuesday then be ready for Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

While out driving thru the Neighborhood we found “The Griswald Christmas” House.  The owners named the house.IMG_20171214_184045026IMG_20171214_184051439 Just puts you in the Spirit.

We will celebrate a few days early with the family as Friday night is the only time everyone can get together at the same time.  I am glad we are all able to be together and laugh and share the wonders of the season.  Our evening will start with Dinner of Ham, potatoes, corn casserole, green beans, salad, rolls, boiled shrimp,  fried shrimp, and sausage.  Not very traditional, but that is ok.  After dinner and kitchen cleaned opening gifts, lots of photos, and then games.  Lots of laughing and enjoying each other.

Growing up we would open 1 gift (usually mom picked) it would be a new outfit she had made for us.  I remember the year my brother was in Vietnam and sent fabric home to her.  She made all the girls skirts and blouses(my first adult straight skirt), and shirts for the boys.  We would get dressed go to Midnight Mass and come home.  We would open packages, eat a breakfast of hot cinnamon rolls, sausage kolaches and watch as everyone would start coming over.  If we were able to stay awake that was the start of the fun.  Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors would cover our yard and spill into the neighbors for fun.  Kids playing, adults talking, playing cards, or dominoes.

Now we incorporate a few of my traditions with my husbands and have found a happy medium.  Life is good.  What are you and your family have planned for the rest of December and 2018?

You going to eat Blackeyed peas for New Year?  Will bring you good fortune.

I wish for all you friends out there a very Blessed and Beautiful Christmas and a Safe and prosperous.

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