Our Christmas was wonderful.  Now we are looking forward to 2018.  The weather outside is cold so I am staying in.  Today I worked on a quilt top and have another quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt it.  This is for my sister in law.  Hopefully I will have it completed by Monday and readyContinue reading

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

I don’t know who first said this, but this is what I felt today while doing prep work for Christmas Dinner tomorrow night with the whole family.  I had made a cranberry jello salad and put foil on it to be able to slide in the refrig.  Foil would not stay on and I wasContinue reading ““Necessity is the Mother of Invention””

One more day closer to Christmas

Well here I am 1 day closer to Christmas and getting the baking going good and…………..the stove dies….Yep, Friday night at 6 pm we go out and after 2 hours of looking we found one at Nebraska Furniture and they delivered it Saturday afternoon.  Baked some Molasses cookies and now today I will finish theContinue reading “One more day closer to Christmas”


Meet the Snow Family.  Just a little something to hang on the wall throughout the winter months.  This way I can carry on with some festiveness (is that a word?) for a while longer.  I had help from my Granddaughter Cecilia (Cc) with some of the applique.  I can’t wait till she sees it hangingContinue reading “LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW”