Made a few pillows and have gotten several more cut out.  I have an embroidery machine, so I purchased some designs from Urban Thread and I love these worked up.  I put them on a few pillows and need to finish up the set.  IMG_4559IMG_4558IMG_4570I have a few more that are Christmas designs and one more of the Animals.  Those will be made this weekend.  I also made a set of Frankenstien pillows for Halloween a yr ago, my youngest granddaughter took the pillows as hers.  IMG_1298I would like introduce Frankie and Stiena.

Here is something Alicia has made and I think they are so cute.  dollHere is wishing everyone a Happy New Year.


Right now it is a balmy 18 degrees and by noon it will be a scorching 25.  Guess I will have to get out in the weather and get groceries sometime today as the next week will be colder.  But this morning brings quilting a quilt for Vicki, my sister in law.  She has hinted at wanting a quilt in the past and at Thanksgiving the hint was a little stronger.  It will be on the way next week, Vicki, I promise.  Here is a sneak peek.  IMG_20171228_085821084.jpgThe quilting will be finished today and then the hand work on it and then ready to mail.

The next project will be making more pillow cases.  Not necessarily for beds, can be if you want, but I like changing things up from time to time.  Or with grand kids, even teenagers, laying around, spill things from time to time(I never spill, hahahah) can come off the pillow form and be washed.  Change for the season.  I have found sometime if you have the chance to get sample fabrics that are about 2 ft square, they make great pillow tops.  Smaller ones make great quilted block pillow top.  Gotcha interested??? Gotta wait to see them and then see the process for some a little later. Right now I have to finish quilting Vicki’s quilt.

Stay warm, especially those in PA.

Our Christmas was wonderful.  Now we are looking forward to 2018.  The weather outside is cold so I am staying in.  Today I worked on a quilt top and have another quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt it.  This is for my sister in law.  Hopefully I will have it completed by Monday and ready to mail.

I hope to start the new year with a new slate.  All projects completed.  A new year and a new slate.  What are your goals for 2018?  Alicia and I have been discussing our blog and Facebook page, we will be offering more of our patterns and more tutorials. I have been having a hard time focusing on anything since about September.  Now is the time to get focused.   I have been coming up with some new craft fair  items.  We will be opening an Etsy shop and offer our products on line.  Any suggestions as to being successful with this?

I hope everyone has a Wonderful 2018.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

I don’t know who first said this, but this is what I felt today while doing prep work for Christmas Dinner tomorrow night with the whole family.  I had made a cranberry jello salad and put foil on it to be able to slide in the refrig.  Foil would not stay on and I was out of saran wrap and big containers with lids.  I came to the sewing room looking for a rubber band and saw a book mark I had made and not put away.  This turned out to be just perfect and looks lots better than a rubber band.  Don’t you think?IMG_20171221_102936454IMG_20171221_103001173Too bad it isn’t more Christmas inspired.  Imagine a gingerbread man on the side, or a tree, Santa, little bells…What a fun idea for any holiday.

Got the dinner prepped and the table set up somewhat and will finish up tomorrow.

IMG_20171221_124605IMG_20171221_123403386Now I have moved into the sewing room to get it cleaned so the teenage girls can go sit and eat and be as giggly as girls get without hearing parents telling them to quiet down.  After dinner, then gift opening and then an evening of games.  I am glad that I can rest on Saturday.  Christmas Day the house will be a day for drop ins.  Nothing planned.  What a wonderful time.

This afternoon I will work on some more “Book marks” and see about changing Halloween orange to Christmas green or red.

2018 will bring finishing 2 quilts that have the quilting started, and then lots of fun projects.  What do you have planned for 2018?  Everyone have a Wonderful Holiday.

Have  Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe New Year.

One more day closer to Christmas

Well here I am 1 day closer to Christmas and getting the baking going good and…………..the stove dies….Yep, Friday night at 6 pm we go out and after 2 hours of looking we found one at Nebraska Furniture and they delivered it Saturday afternoon.  Baked some Molasses cookies and now today I will finish the baking and candy making.  Candy, baking, and gifts finished.  Now we can face the trials of Monday and Tuesday then be ready for Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

While out driving thru the Neighborhood we found “The Griswald Christmas” House.  The owners named the house.IMG_20171214_184045026IMG_20171214_184051439 Just puts you in the Spirit.

We will celebrate a few days early with the family as Friday night is the only time everyone can get together at the same time.  I am glad we are all able to be together and laugh and share the wonders of the season.  Our evening will start with Dinner of Ham, potatoes, corn casserole, green beans, salad, rolls, boiled shrimp,  fried shrimp, and sausage.  Not very traditional, but that is ok.  After dinner and kitchen cleaned opening gifts, lots of photos, and then games.  Lots of laughing and enjoying each other.

Growing up we would open 1 gift (usually mom picked) it would be a new outfit she had made for us.  I remember the year my brother was in Vietnam and sent fabric home to her.  She made all the girls skirts and blouses(my first adult straight skirt), and shirts for the boys.  We would get dressed go to Midnight Mass and come home.  We would open packages, eat a breakfast of hot cinnamon rolls, sausage kolaches and watch as everyone would start coming over.  If we were able to stay awake that was the start of the fun.  Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors would cover our yard and spill into the neighbors for fun.  Kids playing, adults talking, playing cards, or dominoes.

Now we incorporate a few of my traditions with my husbands and have found a happy medium.  Life is good.  What are you and your family have planned for the rest of December and 2018?

You going to eat Blackeyed peas for New Year?  Will bring you good fortune.

I wish for all you friends out there a very Blessed and Beautiful Christmas and a Safe and prosperous.


Meet the Snow Family.  Just a little something to hang on the wall throughout the winter months.  This way I can carry on with some festiveness (is that a word?) for a while longer.  I had help from my Granddaughter Cecilia (Cc) with some of the applique.  I can’t wait till she sees it hanging on the wall.  I have gotten my Nativity wall hanging up and my little tree wall hanging.  The little tree has pins and angels that were my mothers.  Nice to have her during Christmas.

Tomorrow brings lots of gift wrapping.  so much fun.

IMG_20171211_193922376IMG_20171211_195030730IMG_1373IMG_6892IMG_6895Have a wonderful day and treat yourself and do something great.

Wonderful Wonderland

Now I live in Missouri, but grew up in Texas, and then we didn’t know what snow was.  This is what the people woke up to.  This is from Corpus Christi up thru most of the state.  24312818_2037345416306374_6582918359927392009_n24837286_10213740167671161_8532897743054074720_o24993331_10212915263709820_1438465278555683360_nJust Thanksgiving we were walking the beach there and looking for sea glass.  I hope the kids are able to enjoy this white fluff.

Texas A&M got into the fun of the time.  https://www.facebook.com/tamu/videos/10155455221428172/?hc_ref=ART8bVDwNYUEtfuc-029aYxybLpHOcBeHxLl8krRF8fABnzBTb4zA5KqvGSe7duQjBQ

The only creating going on in my house is baking.  Yesterday made 170 sausage kolaches( not the technical name, but what my mom called them.) Today will be full day of cookies and oldest Granddaughter may be over and I will have her help me.  Life is good.