A wonderful new day

Got home from our Thanksgiving trip to Texas.  It was great.  Weather was great saw all my siblings, nieces and nephews.  Not all at once, but through out the week.  We had an average of 75 people a day around.  They were all relatives and the sounds of laughter was wonderful.  I am glad one of my sisters and her husband live on a ranch and able to handle large groups.  This picture is outside our Motel room.  IMG_20171124_064208935_HDRThe water on the bottom is the boat docks (our room was above boats docked under us. It is a fishing community) and where the boats are in the upper right side is the Intercoastal Waterway.  Saw shrimpers leaving to catch fresh shrimp and crabs.

We did sneak off one night for a dinner for 2 and got a 1/2 portion of fried shrimp.IMG_20171120_181508061_TOP24 shrimp, 3 onion rings, potato, and salad.  I ate the salad, shrimp and onion rings.  Sorry Potato, just too full.

On the way home we stopped outside Dallas for gas at a Buckeee’s.  Such a little gas station and quick stop to pick up the last minute items you may need.

Yes the numbers on the gas pump is the number we filled up at.  Buy gas, clothes, BBQ grills, food, snacks and candy, drinks gifts.  You think you want it, they have it.

Now we are home I have been spending my days decorating for Christmas.  Just a sneak peek. IMG_20171128_073722018IMG_20171128_073821699 Now to get ready for a day of playing with Destiny.  We will be making Pizza.  Her favorite.  It is the Black Olives that are her favorite.  One for the pizza and 2 for Destiny.  Good thing they are already sliced.

Have a wonderful day and smile.  Make some grouches day by smiling.


Wonderful day

Woke up to a beautiful view off our balcony at our hotel..IMG_20171120_072830279IMG_20171120_072917789IMG_20171120_072819814_HDRAfter sitting out and watching the boat head out to he Gulf for some serious fishing and shrimping we went for a site seeing drive, walked the beach, visited with my brother and another sister for a while.  Helped decorate for a dance on Wed nite.  Stopped for a shrimp dinner then back to the motel.  IMG_20171120_181508061_TOPAdd a salad to this and that was dinner.  We could not finish this and left very stuffed.

We did find time to go to a quilt shop here in town.  I purchased MORE scissors(I left mine at home), some fabric and spent time touching the patterns and books.  Tomorrow will bring another day of shopping then serious family time.

My sister and her family live on a working ranch.  They have cattle and work them don horseback.  I do think my nephew was born about 1-200 years too late.  Here are a few photos from their working cattle and honoring the Wounded soldiers as they come into town for 2 days of fishing with the locals to say thank you for all you gave for us.

11218478_10206903712419522_8847188503545379280_n23559530_10208632440288689_9050828996887139157_n22730095_10208520093720095_7192457434973231417_nI hope you enjoyed this. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Day 2 of trip to Texas

We made it to Houston and saw a sister for a while then on down to Port Lavaca.  We checked into the hotel in time for a “Blue Northerner” blew in.  Lots of wind and cool air.  Dropped temps from 70’s to 50’s and wind sounded like it would blow our room away.   We are staying in a fishing community and so our hotel is above boat docks and an inlet for fishing boats.  Hopefully tomorrow brings a nicer day and I can get some good photos.  Visited with other family and did some site seeing.  So many changes and I am excited to see old friends.   So far no quilt shops as they are closed today and yesterday was spent with my sister so tomorrow here I come.

There are 2 things that I see and KNOW I am in Texas.  #1 is WHATABURGER.  Best hamburgers anywhere.  Love them.  We did have one the first day.  the 2nd is Buckee”s.  Buckee’s is a large gas station that sells fresh meat, fresh made food, pasteries, candy, gifts and anything you want.  Here are a few photos.  IMG_20171118_104428301.jpgHouston Skyline


Be safe all and take care of yourselves..

Car packed and waiting to head out.

We are spending Thanksgiving with my sibling in Texas.  I am looking forward to an old fashioned week of good times.  I have my list of quilt shops to stop at, and see the goodies they have that jump into my car.  The trip down will take us to Houston the first stop then over to San Antonio (maybe) then on to Port Lavaca.  Our Thanksgiving starts on Wed. with poka and jitterbug dance lessons for the ones who don’t know how and then dancing.  Thursday will be dominoes and poker for the men and the women wine and gossip.  Friday, a bonfire and ghost stories for the younger kids, and during the day horseback riding, fishing, and hunting.

I decided that I needed to finish up unfinished projects.  So here is a quick look at the last week in a flash.

Have my hand work going and now Hubby is ready to go.  Will post more as the week progresses.  Be save and enjoy each other.

Diving into fabric

I decided the best way to handle the things I don’t have control over is to pray and sew.  That is what I have been doing quite a bit lately and with this getting a lot accomplished.

Finish Dragonfly quilt      done

Random access quilt          1/2 done

tea towels                              1/4 done

Sewing room cleaned        done

Finish Illusion quilt           done

Butter horns made with Granddaughter done

Had to vacuum the chair when finished.

Finished baby quilt for new Great niece who arrived Nov. 3rd.  And a bed pillow for someone who is stuck in the hospital for a while.

Now I will spend a day with youngest granddaughter and then pack for a trip to Texas for Thanksgiving.

Today I think we will have a little fire in the fire pit and watch the flames dance around.  No smores.  She doesn’t like chocolate.  CRAZY right?!!!!!!!!  Doesn’t take after me.  Enjoy your Tuesday.

Wonderful Sunday

Spent 3 hours in the yard raking leaves and bagging them.  Glad it was hubby and myself raking because I would still be out there now if he didn’t.  Getting things ready for our Thanksgiving week in Texas.  Finished a baby quilt for a new little Great niece.

IMG_20171111_135830530Mom is from Canada and Dad is from United States.  She was born in Texas.   Working on a bed pillow for one of my sisters and will have that one finished tonight.    2 things on my list completed and just  2 more to finish.

What are you plans for Thanksgiving?  Usually we have the kids and grandkids over. Every 2 years or so I go to Texas to see family.  This is the year to travel.  We will be stopping in Houston then down to a very small town called Port Lavaca.    It will be a long 15-18 hour drive, but so worth it.

When we get home we will be putting the Christmas tree up and decorating the house.  On the inside, can’t attach anything to the new siding.  I love this time of the year, the leaves, the smell of the fall crisp air and wood burning.  Then all the Christmas decorations going up and everyone is so happy.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Wonderful day of quilting

Today was a great day to spend with  31 quilters all working on Random Access quilt blocks.  This was so much fun.  The block pattern (a star) was given and we had to cut the pieces and put each set in a bag numbered 1-7.  You reach in a bag take a piece or set of pieces out and built blocks this way.  When I started I thought, “Oh NO, this is butt hurt ugly.”  I was ready to pitch it and say this isn’t for me.  The instructor, Nancy Austin Swanwick, kept saying wait, just wait.  She was right.  I loved it.   There will be 32 12 inch blocks in this quilt and they will all be different.  It really is great.

These are 3 of the blocks I made.  This is one of her finished quilts.IMG_20171110_134456883.jpg

The rest of these pictures are of other people’s blocks and the fun activities.

IMG_20171110_131033009IMG_20171110_131119532_TOPIMG_20171110_131137842No to finish my quilt and decide if I want to start another.

Do you ever make more than one of the same quilt or is one enough?