Halloween day all around

In anticipation for the little trick or treaters tonight I have gotten candy ready, house cleaned, laundry almost done and 2 quilt tops ALMOST quilted and what did I decide to do instead of quilting??????????????? Organize my fabric stash.  I am putting the smaller pieces according to size.  I don’t think I will be finished very soon and while doing this I came across an idea for a fun tutorial.  It is something wearable….AND kid friendly to do.  While working on this tutorial I will have a wonderful helper….2 yr old Destiny.  I may regret it, who knows.  We need some inside projects as she has a cold and the high outside is going to be 40 degrees and by trick or treat time it will drop and we could get a winter mix.  Not good for outside playing.


What do you do for Halloween?  We will hand candy.  I love watching the little ones come up.  I think next year I will make some treats for the little ones.  Felt finger puppets.  Destiny doesn’t like a lot of candy.  (How can she be my granddaughter?)  So I have yogurt for her.  I should have had this idea of finger puppets sooner.

Well everyone enjoy your “SPOOKY” day.


Bowl Cozies Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on making bowl, and cup cozies.  I make these in several sizes.  For this tutorial I will make a 6.5 inch cup cozy.  I will give the measurements for 4 sizes then the directions.

Size                                square                          dart width                  dart length           in inches

6.5                                    6.5                                  3/4                               1.5 down

8                                       8                                     1  1/2                            4

10                                   10                                     1 1/2                             5

12                                   12                                      1 3/4                            6


Cut 2 of fabric and 2 of cotton batting.  It was suggested I use zap batting, I use cotton for the square size you want.IMG_20171030_192907439Now I place the fabric and batting together and stitch an x on the square to keep the batting from moving.  Do this for both sides.  IMG_20171030_194606327Fold in 1/2 and measure and mark for the darts.

Do this for all 4 sides and trim darts.  Now put the 2 pieces together right sides together.

Stitch the two together around the edges leaving an opening for turning.  Turn and  hand stitch the opening closed.  IMG_20171030_195624658Here is the finished product.IMG_20171030_195933379IMG_1364 Need one for a casserole dish?  Make one using the measurements of your casserole dish.  The possibilities are endless.

Donuts and Hot Chocolate

What better to have while watching Walking Dead tonite with several teenagers?  Fresh donuts and hot chocolate.  So with that decision made I am making cup cozies for the kids to hold their drinks in.  Someone is my Sewing club is making these and I have seen 2 pictures of it and this is the first attempt.  I think I will make a few changes and put their names on them so they won’t get someone else’s.

These will also make good coasters.  Nice way to heat a cup of something in the microwave and save your hands.  We use the bowl cozies like crazy and this will be a good addition.

Just wanted to share a new addition to my sewing room


Me again

Well here I am again.  This last month has been a roller coaster of emotions and so I decided to get more positive.  This has kept me very focused and this is what I needed.  My Dragonfly Dance is coming together.  I do need to re-arrange the top right to the bottom left and put borders on before stitching the dragonflies down.  IMG_20171027_114302021.jpgI am thinking of adding a little 3D effect to this.  What do you think?

I have joined a fabric post card swap and have gotten several of these done and in the mail.

I have sewed more than eat and so my scales are happier and I am happier AND so many wonderful things coming from the sewing room.  How do you handle stress?  What is your comfort?

Thank you everyone for following this crazy granny.   Have a wonderful Day and look for the positive.

Spent the day Christmas shopping

We spent the day Christmas Shopping and I am tired.  We have gotten 2/3 of it completed.  I still have things I am making, just can’t help myself.  I am seeing everything that ya’ll are making and think I need to do that.  Need to get some things finished before starting more.  How many UFOs do you have at any one time?  I have about 5 projects going.

Well I am off to cutting blocks for a workshop on the 11th.  Random Access stars.  I have 81 blocks to cut out and using all kinds of prints and colors.  It is designed to take you out of your comfort zone.  I think I will be out of my comfort zone.  I already am cutting these blocks.  I usually have a specific plan.

Enjoy your fall.  Trees are turning here.


Can You believe 2017 is almost over??

Summer has come and gone, fall is here and soon winter.  We have been doing some Christmas shopping and trying to get some things taken care of.  While looking at my lists of things I wanted to make I found some great ornaments to make.  I forgot all about them now my plan is to make some to decorate the house with fabric ornaments of some kind.  My tree is decorated with ornaments the kids and grandkids have made over the years.  These are so much fun to look at and discuss as we hang them.   The Granddaughters decorate the tree the day after Thanksgiving, with hot cocoa, and cookies.  Lots of laughing.  This year we will be putting it up a little later.  Hubby and I will be going to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with my siblings.  This will be a week of Red Neck good times.  Fish fries(I hope), domino and poker night, bonfire, lots of good food, visiting long time friends and family.

Here are a few sites for Christmas Ornaments if you need some ideas.                                     https://www.facebook.com/theornamentgirl/                                                                                    http://quiltingdigest.com/prairie-points-make-beautiful-star-ornaments/

What are some of your traditions for the fall and winter?

Do you decorate your house for this time of year?

My tree are starting to turn pretty colors and leaves fall.  I have a large oak tree in the front yard and the oak mites have been terrible.  When they attack you that spot itches like crazy.  But even with these little insects fall is a beautiful time.  Enjoy your days.

2nd Dragonfly done

The 2nd dragonfly is done and I am trying to decide on colors for the other 3.  I like the idea of bright greens, a purple and need a yellow or gold or something else for the 3rd.  I think the purple will be shades of purple and same as green.  Not sure about the brown one.  Any suggestions?  IMG_20171015_194421898.jpg

I did get a Fairy Princess Dress finished for Destiny.

Leaves are turning beautiful golds and reds.  I can only mean that winter is around the corner.  I love the changing of the seasons.  Tomorrow I will get my fall decorations out and put them thru the house and get ready for little Trick or Treating in a few weeks.  I have an old cast iron pot that hubby’s grandmother made lie soap in outside over an open fire.  I will put candy in it, set it on the front porch and sit out there waiting for little kids to come by.