Visiting New England States

We will be taking off to the New England states in a few weeks.  While Hubby is planning our route and things to see, I am planning the quilt shops to visit.  I just wish he would see to letting me take my sewing machine with us,  but that is a little too much.  While I had my laptop out and looking at a map of our route and marking Quilt shops (Row by Row Experience) he laughingly said, “While in Rhode Island we should hit all the quilt shops.”  What self respected fabric-aholic would say, “No, that is ok” so I said “Sounds Great to me.”

Now I am getting some hand piecing ready to take with us and have something to do in the car.

We are hoping to see the Fall trees in their glory if we are lucky, and then we will be seeing a lot of the History and maybe be able to make it to Washington DC.

Any suggestions of where to go?  Things to see?  We usually go to the South West area so this will be very new to us.  Very excited.  Especially since I realized Keepsake Quilting is on our route.  YES!  This is a must for me.


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2 thoughts on “Visiting New England States

  1. Travelling through NY? Some great quilt destinations: Materials Rewards, Dansville, NY; Mt Pleasant Quilting Company, York NY; Log Cabin Fabrics, Selkirk, NY. A great place to stay in the Adirondacks is the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid. The Finger Lakes wine region of NY is a fun place to shop, eat and stay (and of course live, because that’s the home of Gray Barn Designs!). What a great trip you will have!


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