Day 5

I know I missed day 4, but we were so tired last night we crashed.  Today was Vermont, and Maine.  We did stop at Keepsake Quilts and got some goodies and then spent the day in the mountains.  For dinner tonite we had pulled pork and beer at a place in Freeport, ME called Gritty’s.  Was so good  I tried their raspberry beer.  It was light and good. I wouldn’t have thought to put fruit in beer.  Last night I tried seafood chowder for the first time.  Pretty good also.  Tomorrow may bring lobster to this girl. Who knows.

We are used to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and to see the Mountains in the East are so different.  Both are so beautiful.  Yes, the leaves are starting to turn.  I can’t wait to see them in the Acadia National Park.  I think that is tomorrow.

So many new things my head is spinning.  Till tomorrow.

Oh here is a little snippit of what I bought early on in the trip…


Till tomorrow.

Day 3

Got to Gettysburg, PA early and spent 4 hours  driving around the battle field.  Seeing all these markers, cannons, and reading about each person makes you FEEL the history and understand more the agony, sadness, and the passion each side fought for.  It is so different seeing places like this than reading about it in books.  Pictures of this to come later.

Later in the day we were on the way to Kingston, NY and I realized no fabric stores from PA so we found a wonderful one in Lebanon, PA.  It was “Martin’s Fabric Barn”  This was down winding roads, some country and some were thru farm country.  It was a wonderful place.  I found lots of fabric and all I bought were on sale for $3.75 a yard.  IMG_20170926_145547076IMG_20170926_150812795IMG_20170926_150928823

Day 2

We have has some Very long days in the car, but it has been so worth it.  I have been to 5 states and 3 quilt shops.  Today we went to a quilt shop in a ladies home, this one had a 5 star rating in the Row by Row quilts and it earned it.  Nonna’s Cottage in Zanesville, Ohio.  I loved that shop and the lady was so nice.  We then went to one in St. Clairsville, Ohio.  I wasn’t overly impressed with this store.  When walking into the shop the front was a chaos mess where she had all kinds of items covering the top of the work area.  When she wanted to do something she had to make room, then dig around to find a sack to put my purchase in.  Her prices were at least a dollar more than other places for the same fabric.  She just seemed very disorganized and in return it was hard to want her fabric.  On the bright side we got to see a wonderful small “Norman Rockwell” town.  It was great.  We were there at Noon the Court House bells played “Proud To Be An American.”

From here we went to the Flight 93 Memorial.  This was so emotionally amazing.  These are the photos we took of this.


This is where Flight 93 came down inverted


Getting closer to crashing


To represent 1 World Trade Tower being hit


To represent where the 2nd tower was hit


To represent the Pentagon was hit.


The flight tracking on that fateful day

IMG_4583Inside the building were very chilling recording of the calls people made home to their loved ones.  Photos of the crash and recordings from the first responders.  On the Memorial site are planted 40 groves of 40 trees in each grove for each of the 40 passengers and crew members who died.

Day 1

Got up early this morning and was on the road by 3:30am Central time.  We had lunch in Cloverleaf, Indiana.  We enjoyed a wonderful hamburger and hand dipped onion rings.  The burger was open flamed grilled and so good.  Then drove to Indianapolis, Indiana at Quilt Plus and visited her.  This was a modern quilt store and she had some really cute things.  I purchased a pattern for little felt animals, some cork fabric to try to make a little bag and a license plate.  Indianapolis, IN is home to the Indy 500 race car track. So in honor of this her license plate is “Sew Fast’.  Finally stopped for the night at Richmond, IN.  We are just a few miles west of Ohio.  Tomorrow I will see what quilt stores are open and stop and visit.  We hope to get as far as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania tomorrow.  We will see.  .IMG_20170924_065911948_HDRSunrise west of St. Louis, Missouri, and the temp outside is 68 degrees.

IMG_20170924_074550618.jpgSt. Louis Arch.

This was so pretty the way the sun was shinning on it.  This is Effingham, Illinois..  Love the names of some of these towns.

So many quilt shops closed on Sunday and finding them closed even on Mondays.  Oh well this was a nice shop and the owner was so friendly.  Gave us some good advice on travels..  Stay tuned for tomorrow.

Tried something new

I have been making peanut and pecan brittles and decided to make something a little special for Alicia’s good friend.  She and her family have been adopted by us and we love them to pieces.  For her hubby I made peanut/rum brittle.  I know the alcohol cooks down so I used only a 1/4 cup of rum in the syrup.  Then instead of the vanilla and water at the end I put rum.  Of course I had to try a piece and it tasted like butter scotch peanut brittle, but with little kick at the end.  I do think Phil will like it.

If you haven’t tried  Farmhouse Quilts, go there, read, and subscribe if you like it.  She has great ideas and fun happenings.  Once you decide to subscribe do so and then sign up for a chance at a wonderful giveaway..

I have everything ready for tomorrow and Saturday.  Craft fair days.  Pictures will be on tomorrow.  Then Saturday night unload the car and re load the car for vacation.  Hubby will be staying home and will take a nice long nap Saturday(a very hard job, but then someone has to do it.) Then we leave Missouri and head out to the New England states.  We will be seeing the beautiful maple trees in the fall (I hope), eat fresh seafood, see some history and visit about 14-18 Quilt shops along the way.

Now to find something to do to kill time.


Starting new project

I have been getting ready for our vacation that is in 3 days.  I have made my lists and have the important things lined up.  Clothes, list of Quilt Shops, and a hand applique project ready for the time in the car.  The rest will come together and that is good.

I found a cute pattern in Arkansas and will have a new wall hanging for the Holidays.  It will even last thru the winter.

IMG_20170920_150233757.jpg  Now here is what I have for it.  Just the window panels. IMG_20170920_150225233_HDRI think this will last me for 2-3 weeks.

The other day I was asking for suggestions on how to start designing my own quilt and have gotten some great ideas.  I have gotten a sketch pad and am trying to get inspired.  I need to just let it happen.

As we travel around I will bore you with the highlights of the trip.  Only good and funny stories.

Here is hoping you have a wonderful day today and tomorrow.