Good things today

Today was a day of good things.  I was able to bring my sewing machine home while waiting for a part.  The zigzag motor is going out or something.  It makes a noise, but I can still use the machine and I am. Upon arriving home after picking the machine up I had a package on my porch.  What was it you ask?  IMG_20170810_105048527.jpg My new cutting mat.  I won the giveaway from Rorabacks.  I love it. It is a self healing cutting mat and is heavier than the one I currently have.  Check her out on Facebook  She is having a daily giveaway.  Great ideas also.

I had to try this out, right?  Couldn’t let it sit and although pretty, but it was sad because it wasn’t being used.  SO…..I decided to take all the picture blocks from the National Parks from our last year trip.  I am putting each set into one larger block then putting the block set together.

Since some of the pictures are different shapes and sizes the bigger block will be different sizes I think as fillers I will use 9 patch.  I have one set almost finished and here it is.IMG_20170810_212652478.jpg

I had to put it away and get dinner.  We had the kids and grandkids over for Dinner tonight as they will be starting school soon.  Katelin leaves for 2nd year of college and the other 3 girls are in High School, then the baby is 2.  So tomorrow will bring more sewing.

Such a WONDERFUL day.

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We are a multi generation team. We create different things and a lot of times we have fun creating with 3 generations of people. That is how we came up with our name because as you will see we are "One Creative Family". Please feel free to join us :)

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