Been busy

While the Gulf Coast was devastated by Harvey, I sat glued to the tv and watched.  I still am as it continues it’s slow progress.  To keep the hands busy I did some machine embroidery.  IMG_4558IMG_4559IMG_4570 These will all be pillows.  The designs are from Urban Threads.  I love their designs.  Then a set of Christmas Tea TowelsIMG_4569IMG_4567Now who wouldn’t like a set of these?  then hubby gave me some jeans to throw out….really???????????Throw out???????????? NO WAY!  Now aprons.IMG_4566The front of the jeans will be just like this one, probably a different color though.  Now think back to the Migrating Geese Gone Green lap quilt???????? Remember it?  Oh well. The parts of the geese you cut off made into a PILLOW.IMG_4560IMG_20170821_072629660 The above is both of them.  I still have little 1 1/2 inch ares I cut off the little geese so those will be put together while on the next road trip.

What is wild is the more I do the more I think of doing.  We will see what today brings.

What will you be doing today?  How do you manage your time?  What is your best time to do what you enjoy?  I will look forward to hearing from you.


Disasters Bring out the Best

I have been spending all my time the last few days glued to the Weather Channel as Hurricane Harvey attacks and is re-attacking the Texas Gulf Coast.  Out of 7 siblings 5 still live in Texas.  In Dallas, and between Houston and Corpus Christi.  My heart is so heavy seeing their struggles, and worrying over their safety.  Many of them are safe.

All the states sending help and people leaving the safety of their homes to come to the middle of all this disaster to help. Many of whom we will never know their names or be able to thank them enough for all their support.

What do you do when you are in a worried about serious things that you face?  I sat with the TV on weather channel, my Diet Coke, and sewed.  I did finish a lap quilt that I started years ago.  Then started on Christmas.  Tea towels, aprons to match.  Then cleaned.  And cooked.  Zucchini Bread……..and Pizza

Yes, we had to have a little taste.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMMmm


Hurricane Harvey

Please keep everyone on the Gulf Coast in your thoughts and prayers as Hurricane Harvey heads their way.  Where it is estimated to reach land fall is expecting water surges of 12-15 feet.  Then the expected approx. 30 inches of rain when it stalls.  Praying for minimum damage and no loss of live for the entire coast line.

Umbrella Remade

Most of you have seen my remade umbrella and so here is how I made it.

First strip the umbrella from the fabric. You will then have this.IMG_20170818_183647353Now I took one of the pieces from the umbrella fabric and use one as a pattern,  Now cut 8 of these out of your fabric.IMG_20170819_083114524IMG_20170819_083030965I then sewed the seams together with a skimp 1/4inch seam (I didn’t allow for a bigger seam.)IMG_20170819_090142887

You will then have a large circle.  Then align the umbrella top to the works of the quilt and then hand stitch it down.  You will have your umbrella.  Now get a plastic or water proof spray and spray it and there you go.  Your own umbrella.   Just remember all umbrellas can be different sizes ( I found out and had to alter my second one).  Use the pattern pieces for each umbrella.IMG_20170819_094846589WHAM!! Your own umbrella.  So much fun.

Having issues

It seems like I can post my phone, but not my computer. It’s been going on for a while and I didn’t realize it. Been keeping busy with different things so here’s a quick overview. Umbrella re-made.

I took an old umbrella apart and used as a pattern. Was easier than I thought. Next made a pillow for my Migrating Geese Gone Green.

Got zucchini bread made and in the freezer.

And lastly I purchased an embroidery design and started stitching it out. This is design #1. The Wolf.

This is condensed for everyone and I couldn’t remember all I wrote for the last 3 weeks.

Super Sunday

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  I am.  Today we are starting the day off with new roof, yard work completed, and oven cleaned..  Now I am free to enjoy some sewing.  First of all I have something to show off.  My daughter in law wanted to make something special for some of their friends who are coming into the state for a karate seminar.  She decided on pillows for them.  This is her design and she did the work. Represents their Karate Gi and black belt with their names embroidered on the belt. She did a great job and now my son needs one for himself.    I enjoy seeing someone create something special for someone..

I have 3 blocks completed on my quilt from our trip last year to the South West.  Coming Together quite nicely.  IMG_20170813_142442095IMG_20170813_142448314IMG_20170813_142452566IMG_20170813_142448314These are each 21×21  or 21×17.  Not sure if I want to make them individual mini quilts and hang them as a series or to put them together as a whole quilt.  I have 1 more set of 4 to finish.  I will have to figure it out.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?