Such a wonderful few days

Hubby surprised me with a “Road Trip>”  We left Wed, mid morning and went to Batesville, AR. to Marshall’s Dry Goods. It is a large fabric warehouse and is open to the public. I was disappointed when I got there and found out that 1/2 the store in the warehouse is only for business or if you want no less than 3 whole bolts. The prices were about 1/2 the price of Hancock of Paducah. I will go back to Paducah before Batesville, A much larger choice, newer fabrics, and better quality. I did buy a large amount but was picky about what I got. They weren’t the fabrics you would find at your favorite quilt shop. We did stop at a few Quilt shops along the way there and home.(This is how I set my GPS was Quilt shop to Quilt shop). Worked great. Now I don’t need fabric for anything for a while, unless it is a specific fabric to finish something, We visited Sew a Stitch in Rogers, AR, Sew Graceful Quilting, Rogers, AR.,Country House Quilting and Quilt Shop, Pea Ridge, AR, Quilts & Quilts The Fabric Shoppe, Branson, MO, Blue Top Quilt Shop Lamar, MO. Now I am tired and need to put this away. Just had to share. Oh we did go to Wilson Creek Civil War National Park, Pea Ridge Civil War National Park, and George Washington Carver National Park.

The next group of photos are my purchases. Now I am trying to find a place for all this.  Such a great time.

Top finished

I finished the quilt top and now trying to decide on the borders.  Original idea was green, but the shades of green are taking over so I am thinking of a Wine color with a light purple(not lavender).  What do you think would be good?IMG_20170725_092508457.jpgThe blue gets lost, and I do like the wine.  Suggestions?

IMG_20170725_090710187All that is left are the borders and binding….AND IMG_20170725_090735842TEARING THE PAPER OFF.  I think I will see how much fun tearing with a 2 yr old can be.  A day of “Bubble Guppies” and tearing paper.  Then picking up paper pieces.

While I was sewing hubby was busy making a “ZOO” for the granddaughter’s stuffed animals.  SIMG_20170724_125927972.jpgI wonder how full the zoo will get and how long will it stay full?  How long before she realizes the bungie stretches and she can go in and the animals back on the floor.

Enjoy the last Tuesday of July.

Can’t believe I am so behind

I have been working on my Illusions Quilt, yard work, and family things, totally forgetting to keep up our blog.

I have 3 rows of the Illusions Quilt together and hopefully tonight I will be able to finish piecing.  I can already see the different circles in it.  IMG_20170723_162753588.jpg

5 blocks left to piece.  I enjoy paper piecing, but hate ripping the paper off.  Something fun to do while watching tv at night.

This pattern is one I found in the Fons & Porter “Love of Quilting” March/April 2008 Magazine,  It is called the Kaleidoscope Quilt.  As I worked in a Middle School I had all kinds of Optical Illusions thru out my room.  I worked as a Behavior Interventionist” and it was a great way for kids to calm down and then start conversations.  I have made 3 other types of Illusion Quilts.

I think the next one I came upon in the 90’s or early 2000’s, was in red and white, looking like it moves.  That will be the next one.  Now I am ready to start it and put this away for a while.  I need to stay focused.  Anyone struggle with this?  How do you handle with this?  I would love to know.

Quilting from long ago.

Actually I don’t have the date for this flyer, but if you notice the price for quilting you will have some sort of idea. I got this in a bunch of things at an auction.  Was fun to see the items in Pizza boxes.  Sorry, no Pizza’s.

IMG_20170721_132709874IMG_20170721_132733869IMG_20170721_132753749Any suggestions of the dates of this? My thoughts are 50’s or 60’s.  I also got of goodies from my Daughter in Law.   She had decided not do any jewelry making at this point so I have been looking the box of goodies.IMG_20170721_071209206.jpgNow to see all this wonderful stuff  Now to check things out.

A Little Closer to being Finished

Blocks B-E are finished and Block A is almost finished.  Maybe tonight I will have those finished.  Then put the rows together.  IMG_20170719_171917859IMG_20170719_171937192These are the blocks and then the layout for these.  I want to get these ready for the quilting by the weekend.  Let’s just hope my plans work out.  Seldom do they, but the nice thing is there is always tomorrow.

I sit looking out my window just a few minutes ago and got lost in watching the squirrels running around playing chase.  The birds enjoying the birdbath among the Hostas and Bachelor Buttons.  As I sit here typing and enjoying a summer evening from my air conditioned house I am treated to a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal.  She is walking around the yard and he is watching over her from my Moonflower plant( I have an old branch from the oak tree for the vines to wind on). I got lost in my watching outside instead of typing or sewing.  It is so relaxing.

I am going to close my curtain and finish up these blocks so I don’t get side tracked any more tonight.  Tomorrow is an early morning and then hopefully a few hours in the yard before it gets too hot. Then back to sewing and enjoying my quiet little part of the wold.  Here is hoping your little part of the world is a quiet and happy place.


July is almost over

I can’t believe that July is almost over.  I need to remember how hot the days have been with temps at 90 and up, but the humidity 10 degrees higher, this winter when it is 0 or below.  The last 2 weeks have been busy but now it is slowing down and I can spend time finishing up my WIPs. 3 quilts that need to be quilted, 2 wall hangings and a few pillows.  When I write this down I think “Oh NO I need to get myself in gear and finish them.”  Then I think Oh I will do this in a while and stuff them in a corner.  Think I need to just finish them and be done with it.  What do you think?

This morning I will be re arranging the living room.  I need to find a way to put Granddaughter’s away without it looking cluttered mess in a corner.  I have an end table that has some of my quilt books in so I will move them to the sewing room and then use the end table to put her “Cooking stuff” in.  I will wait and have her help me do it.  She likes to help me do things.

I was given a box of fabric and in it is a quilt top.  It looks like it started to be twin size that took a life of it’s own.  Too narrow and too long.  I understand why she got frustrated and said “forget it”.  While writing this I think I will cut it in half and then do some applique hearts on them and make 2 quilts out of it.  IMG_20170718_084112166.jpgWouldn’t it be nice to have pieced hearts and other shapes appliqued in the pink squares?  Now I think I will press it and get started.  Well the more I think of it the more I think I will do this.  Anyone have some ideas on what to put in the squares?   Let me know.  I will post what I have done when I get it going.  In the mean time only 18 more blocks on the illusion quilt to go.

Enjoy your day and until tomorrow.


In process

I started this Illusions quilt a while back and then had to put it aside for many other things happening, so now I am working on it today.  Maybe I will get it finished….17 blocks finished and 31 more to go.

I am happy to be working on this again.  I am enjoying paper piecing.  It is taking a little longer than I thought, but right now I like it.  Ask me again when I have to take all the paper off.  LOL it could be a different story.  Last time I made one of these quilts, I was working in a middle school and had some of my students take the paper off when their work was finished.  Those days my rooms was always quiet.

The days have been hot here, Not as hot as other areas, so I am spending more time indoors. How do you spend your days when it is too hot to be outdoors? What do you consider too hot? For me anything above 95 and no breeze, then no way going outside.

Happy Sunday.