5 Great Quilt Shops We Visited On Vacation

Last year we took a long planned vacation from Missouri thru the SW United States.  It was a trip we planned for 15 yrs.  While Hubby planned the National Parks we would visit and see I planned on Quilt Shops I wanted to visit.

Our first Quilt shop stop was in Taos, New Mexico.  I am not sure what I loved the most, the fabrics and patterns, or the first impression of the store.  IMG_2612.jpgThe Taos Adobe Quilting Shop lived up to their name and reputation.  This quaint little shop does take order and ships them to you.  Visist them on line and enjoy their shop. http://www.taosadobequiltingandmore.com/They do have a Face Book page so check them out.

Our next stop was in Cortez Quilt Company in Cortez, Colorado.  We found a variety of fabrics and so many things to see.  The clerks were so friendly and helpful.  Visit their site and plan on seeing them if they are in the area.  http://cortezquiltcompany.com/

Our third shop was in Estes Parks, Colorado.  Here we found 2 wonderful shops.  Our first stop was Cottage Bliss.  Walking into this quaint shop was like walking into your best friend’s shop.  We were greeted as a long lost friend and chatted for quite a time while looking.  A wonderful stop.  http://www.cottageblissestes.com/index.html   A truly must visit.

On our way to the fourth stop was still in Estes Parks, and we were looking for the Stitchin’ Den.  We walked for quite a while had some trouble finding it till we looked up. There it is.  Up a hill, up a set of stairs, in a set of doors under a sign for a Restaurant entrance pointing to the back of the building.  This shop has yarn, fabric, something for everyone.  Even some tea while you shop.    What can be better on a chilly October day in Colorado.  http://www.thestitchinden.com/about-us.html

Last stop was in Colorado Springs.  We can NEVER go to Colorado without stopping Colorado Springs.  Our first trip as a newly married couple 44 yrs ago and I can’t even remember the number of times going so it was a MUST to get fabric on this trip,  This shop was Nana’s Quilt Cottage. We walked into a wonderful shop that was filled with beautiful flowery fabrics of the past.  The shop made me immediately remember the days my Mother would lay fabric out on her bed and cut and snip, then take it to the machine and POOF like magic have a new dress for us girls.   http://www.nanasquiltcottage.com/store/

So if you are planning a trip to New Mexico, and Colorado here are a few stops for you to consider.  We also found out that all most all the National Parks have quilt blocks you can purchase.

Now to plan another trip….

Please keep the people of London in your prayers.  So sad.

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