Cutting table is finished

Cutting table is finished and in.  Working great and I just can’t wait to use it a lot.

I now have a place for my old buttons and threads.  I started cleaning the sewing room this morning and then Hubby thought a trip to Omaha, Nebraska zoo.  It is about 3 hour drive from Independence, MO and we had a great time.  It was cool enough that the animals were all active.  Great day to be outdoors.





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7 thoughts on “Cutting table is finished

  1. When I lived in Portland, Oregon I was a fixture at the Oregon Zoo, going some 200 days a year. I knew the animals better than anyone there, including their trainers. I am blessed to be a contributing National Geographic Photographer with my home page at: When I relocated to Uxbridge, MA about 18 months ago I immediately found myself at their Southwick Zoo. I was escorted around the 200 acre facility, which is family owned. It’s unique in that all the animals are displayed outside. Now retired I still continue uploading photos to my NG webpage.


  2. I was just wondering about you tonight! How are you doing? Love your table. The Omaha Zoo is amazing. Love that place. How neat that you went there. Hope you have a great night.


  3. I just remembered I haven’t sent your rolls or properly thanked you for my prize. I don’t know where time goes. I hope you will forgive me…


      1. It sure does!! I’ve been pretty good. Got a chunk of the inside house painting done. Not sure when we are moving- plans seem to be on hold now… Loving this weather. A whippoorwill is singing right now and the lightning bugs are out.


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