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So excited

Hubby finishes my cutting table today and I can’t wait.  He is putting the final coat sealant on it and then tomorrow it will be in my sewing room.  This will be perfect as I am ready to do some cutting.

Today I will be trying my hand at some English paper piecing.  A few weeks ago at the auction we went to the lady did a lot of this and I have so many little pieces she had cut out and sorted so today while Granddaughter is I will have some hand work to do.  She likes helping my by pulling the needle and thread thru the fabric.  Maybe I can get the sewing bug in her early.

Does anyone have any suggestions or hints for English paper piecing?

Are you trying anything new to do?  What is it and what brought you to do this?  You enjoying it?  I am curious and anxious to hear.



We are a mother/daughter team. We create different things and a lot of times we have fun creating with my sister and sister-in-law. My father & brother also enjoy doing wood working. That is how we came up with our name because as you will see we are "One Creative Family". Please feel free to join us :)

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