Loving the outdoors

I have been suffering from Spring Fever.  We have been outside a lot working in the yard and it is showing it.  I have to get myself in gear for the craft fairs tho.  Too much to do and too little time.  Good excuse tho.  I get so side tracked these days and so I am making lists to do everything I need to get done in a day.

This morning I was outside cleaning the back fence row and taking some pictures.  This afternoon I am baking Red Velvet cake and Strawberry Shortcake for tomorrow.  Then tonight cut out a quilt for a pattern I am testing.

Just a few of the things I have gotten completed.  Top right pot holder sleeves for pans, bottom right Tortilla warmers.

Now to leave you with some yard photos….

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5 thoughts on “Loving the outdoors

  1. You would love some of the places I’ve lived recently. I moved to New England 18 months ago from Portland, OR. In Oregon is the little town of Sisters where they hold a famous quilt sale and display downtown each year. The annual event now draws thousands of quilter from around the world.

    Since you love the outdoors you’d love Oregon. 90% of Oregon’s population lives on just 10% of the land, leaving the rest as rich wilderness covered in forests. The scenic beauty is breathtaking. Because of my low fixed income I was forced to relocate to the east coast where I now reside in a senior government housing community

    New England has plenty of natural beauty as well, offering old town dating back to the revolutionary war. Their Autumn foliage is famous as well. Being a photographer I look forward to that season before hibernating during the long, cold, snowy Winters.


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