Inspired by Donna at MYOBT

Reading Donna’s post on Russian Windows reminded me of some of the old Churches built in Schulenburg, Texas.  Schulenburg is an old old German and Chez community.  There are several churches.   They have about 7 churches.   It is called the Painted Church Tour.  These are some of my favorites.  These churches are still inContinue reading “Inspired by Donna at MYOBT”

Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Went to an auction on Mother’s Day and 90% of the stuff there was quilting items.  Fabric, books, patterns, quilting table, sewing machines, and OH MY GOODNESS so much more.  Women can go STUPID NUTS!!!!! Some men also.  There were bolts of fabric and the bolts were going anywhere from $7-10 per bolt.  Crazy thingContinue reading “Happy Belated Mother’s Day”