Rain, rain, and more Rain

I love the sound of rain hitting the windows.  You know that nice steady light tapping on the window.  The last few days have been cleaning days and not too much sewing. Today will bring morning sewing and then a day with granddaughter.  On May 6th I am going to do a 5K. I am looking forward to this.  I haven’t done one in years.

I now have  2 sets of blocks for my Illusion quilt finished and will be organizing the next set of blocks.  IMG_20170429_080418942.jpgThere are 3 more sets.  Starting the 3rd set.  Hopefully I will be able to get them done before Destiny comes over,

Well time to get started so have wonderful day.


Wacky Wednesday

I have been working on a challenge from a facebook group Friends of Farmhouse Quilts.  Yes this is from the one and only Farmhouse Quilts.  It was fun once I got started.  I put it off because I couldn’t think of a way to put my spin on it till I was actually running out of time.  It is due the end of the month and today is the 26th.  I finally said “Do or die” and Did.  I looked at the drawings I had done and thought, had a Diet Coke, thought, drew and another Diet Coke.  This is the finished project.IMG_20170426_212802I am so glad that this turned out to be as much fun as it was.  Now on to the next project.

Too much fun for a Monday

While scrolling thru facebook and visiting with this friend and that friend, I got a message from our group from “Friends of Farmhouse Quilts”.  One of the ladies, Viviane Covo, posted this. If the model interests you :
DIY Accordion Pouch | with Jennifer Bosworth of Shabby Fabrics
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PD7CiM1tO4  I decided to try and make this.  I loved it.  It took less than an hour to make and turned out pretty good.  (I need to trim threads more)  IMG_20170424_100652147IMG_20170424_100636409 I decided to make some and use them for a first aide kit, for diaper bags, anything you want to use it for.  What would you use a little bag for?  Thank you Viviane for the site.  I love sharing ideas, this is what makes life fun.

Speaking of sharing, I am digging up Tiger Lilies that are starting to take over my yard, and have 2 ladies stopping by this evening to pick up.  Yea!  Maybe I can get grass back there.  I can hope.  Have a wonderful day.

Super Sunday

Got so much done today.  It was great.  Started cleaning my sewing room and found some pieces that I put back for a while and then forgot where I put them.  I am also playing with the Stack and Wack quilt.  Once I got the hang of it, I was hooked.  I then did some sewing on some Artist Portfolios, BBQed chicken for dinner and just all in all a good day.  Here are the lost finds.

Now I will be putting them together into one wall hanging for the sewing room.

Here is my before and after of the stack and wack block.

These are so much fun.  You just have to try it.  Let me know what you think.  So much fun going on here.

What to make now…..

Today I have all day to spend in my sewing room, have loads of fabric, and brain can’t decide.  I guess I will pull out some fabric and see what I come up with.  I have an idea now it is just seeing how I can get it into fabric.  Time will only tell.

How many of you have worked with the stack and wack quilts?  I do believe that will be one I may try.  I have been sitting here staring out the window and thought about that and a southwest color inspired quilt.  I do believe it will be the Southwest color quilt to start today.  I will use the fabric from our vacation.  Thank you for letting me talk it thru.

Have a wonderful day and try to be creative everyday.


Monday after Easter

What a wonder Easter we had.  I hope everyone else had a wonderful Sunday.  Our day started out about 6 am finishing up things that needed to be ready.  Easter Bunny hid eggs for our 2 yr. old Granddaughter.  It was so wonderful watching her trying to find all the eggs and the pure excitement when she found one.  She carried around a blue one all morning until her had turned as blue as the egg.  She was so up set when she dropped an egg and it cracked until we all assured her we loved the cracked eggs too.  We danced the chicken dance with her, ate a wonderful meal, enjoyed an afternoon full of laughing with our kids and the older grand kids.  We laughed till we cried.  It was a wonderful day.


This morning has me thinking of what I want to create next.  I have a few ideas rolling around in my brain and I will be putting them on paper.  The next big challenge is how to get them into a quilt or wall hanging.  My problem is that I think too literal.  It is hard to think in the abstract.  I need to do some more thinking and experimenting.  How do you take that idea you have and put it into a finished project?  What advice to you give to someone who is stuck in the literal thinking mode?    Help please.  Thank you in advance,  I appreciate all advice.

Happy Easter

I am making art portfolio bags for a friend of mine to take to an art retreat in June.  She said she has had lots of request for the ones I made her. So Easter dinner is ready to heat and serve tomorrow and I am spending the day sewing.

Finished my Easter Fold’n Stitch Leaf Topper and putting my whimsical Easter Chicken in the center.  It plays the Chicken Dance when someone walks by.  It will be my center piece.  I also finished the top for my mini Primitive Twisted Square.  IMG_20170414_101130IMG_20170414_100815888_HDRBoth of these were so much fun to make once I got the knack of the quilt top.  I think I will make a lap quilt like this.

Now I am going to get my polymer clay out and make some wild buttons for the portfolio bags.  So much fun for the afternoon.  Enjoy your Easter.