Quick note

This is just a quick note to say Daughter in Law’s dress finished.  IMG_20170331_175151305.jpgStill working on Prom Dresses.  If I sew all evening and tomorrow I cottonshould have them finished by Sunday so they can have them a week before the Prom.  Those pictures will come next week.

I did take time to go to JoAnns yesterday and spent too much and got lots of stuff.  Fat quarters 75 cents  (there are 20 les s now),  several spools of thread, and black (used on the dress above.)  White flannel.  I want to play and I tell myself get these first.  So back to sewing so I can play sooner.   Have a wonderful day.


Look what I got….

I was able to sit at the machine for a while this morning and I have the 2 Little Giraffe quilts put together.  All I have to do is put the border and binding on and quilt it.  So here are they are. IMG_20170328_085236698.jpg

I got my new seam ripper in the mail last week.  I love it.

It is so nice to have a seam ripper that just glides thru treads so smoothly. Just let’s hope I don’t have to use it too often.  Sewers Never need rippers do we?  Never(said laughing as I have used it a few times already.

Today will be a day dedicated to Granddaughter.  Off to get diapers at Sam’s Club then a play day with her. This is what happened Sunday evening while I did dishes.  She was watching her Bubble Guppies. This is where she stayed.  IMG_20170321_213116692_TOP.jpgWe will see what happens tonight.  Enjoy your day and do what you enjoy. Till tomorrow.



Finally sat down the machine, time is getting shorter and shorter these days.  Maybe it is just the fact there are so many things to do and less time.  Looks like Wed will be the first day I will be able to do any sewing and it will be on prom dresses.  I have the skirts finished for both so this is good.  Enough whining.

Do have the Two Giraffe blankets ready to quilt and so that is a good.  I may just have  to make a few more.

Pinwheel blocks

I am in the process of making 2 identical 24 inch square baby quilts.  My guild is making these for the “Two Little Giraffe Quilts.” This is for families who have lost a baby.  One stays with the baby and the other stays with the parents for a memory of their baby.  These quilts are pastel flannel with the cuddle fabric on the backs.

I got my JoAnn’s flyer and starting the 30th of March they will have their Fat Quarters on sale for 75 cents each.  Not a bad time to stock up.  Thread buy 1 get 1 free.  I think I will have to get my list going so I can remember what I want to get.

Brain is about shot for the night so I am gonna turn the radio on and curl up with a book before bed.  Have a great weekend all and be safe.


Patterns, patterns, and more patterns

Today I decided to go thru my patterns.  I have 3 large kitchen trash bags of patterns I am trying to give away.  I still have that many more if not more that I am keeping.  Now I have  file cabinet to get rid of.  It is good to get some things accomplished.  Tomorrow is more cleaning. I love spring time.  Actually it is raining today and can’t get out doors and the brain was so cluttered I needed to do some cleaning to clear the mind so I can get focused to work on my quilting.  I will be making  a trip to our local Disabled Vets store to donate all this extra stuff that I have been waiting for that day I may need it.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?  Yesterday I finished a book, we need a to make a trip to the Half Price Book Store and stock up on lots of reading.  img_20161202_152825740img_20161202_152801297Just thought I would give you a little laughter.  Also I found some dishes I need to get.

Enjoy your weekend.




As I read through so many blogs I am reading about how this block was inspired by this journal or that person.  When I think about something that I get inspired by (sunset on the bay) I gather my color pencils, fabrics, graph paper, and there I am stuck.  How do you translate that beautiful sunset into a square block?  I have painted it in oils and have no problem there.  I am a very literal thinker.  How do I train the brain to think in the abstract?  I will be doing some research on this….

On a totally different subject.  I can’t wait to get my new seam ripper.  This is hand turned by a High School Friend.  (Yes, like I told my grand kids, High Schools were invented back then). Last night I could have used this.  It is made from Sindora wood.  Excited.17308998_1377931075592581_2793995074136154128_n

Thanks again for listening to my questions and chatter.


Got a lot accomplished today

Busy morning and now I am finished putting a zipper in a pair of shorts and now I need to put a zipper in 2 skirts then I can play for a while. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, do you?  How to handle them?  I am going to try and get them down on paper,  maybe this will help and I will understand what is drawn and written.

My heart and prayers go out to Great Britain.  The news today have been terrible. I pray this BS can be stopped.   It is now being called a terrorist attack.  Home grown.  Just keep them in your prayers.

Zippers ready to go into skirts so I will go sew for a while.  Have a great day.