Where Oh Where Has The Time Gone?

Sorry I haven’t posted lately, a roller coaster of emotions and “drama” here, but looks like we are all back to our norm.  I have started making Portfolio bags for some local artists and am enjoying it.  I am using up fabric so fast I will have to make a trip to Missouri Star Quilts, or Hancock of Paduach, Ky. for a shopping spree.  Sounds fun doesn’t it?  I am slowly using up stashes I have collected over time and am ready to replace so much of it.  After visiting Hancock of Paduach last March, (I was on such an overload of wonderful fabrics), we decided to go back at least once a year.  If you haven’t been there, imagine shopping in a Warehouse of wonderfully talented designers in one place.  As you are shopping employees are filling orders.  I love it.12795375_10208707089258798_3788697840728141538_n12799255_10208707091858863_8399664996729387149_n12805740_10208707082978641_4848416700979573762_n12821533_10208707087978766_3164005044597790863_n12832544_10208707094538930_6363166401490687128_n Yep, in looking at these photos, we need to go back.  Yes, this was my cart waiting to be cut.


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