New Additions

Mom and I tend to play around with new ideas and new things.  The new things that I have happened to enjoy doing are child safe dolls and bags/purses.  But this post is about the babies I am excited to be working on.  While cruising around the internet one day (very possibly Pinterest, since I’m slightly addicted) and came across Sock babies.  So easy and fun to do.

Here are pics of my sock babies and if you are interested in how to make them I will post where I got my info.

Sock babies

I wanted to try my hand at a bigger one with arms, legs and such.  Lets be honest, she’s not the best..I think shes cute and not to bad for my first and don’t forget, I’m not near as seasoned as mom.


All of these led up to another amazing website I found.  These babies I’m very excited about and cant wait to make more.  This is my first one and I am hoping to be making at least 4 or 5 more this weekend, once I’m done with homework of course.



We will take custom orders, infact we love them!  Everyone has such great ideas.  Please feel free to contact us here or our facebook or email us.






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