While out shopping the other day I found these for a Giveaway.  IMG_20170227_084334379.jpgTwo patterns, a set of threaders and a Missouri Star Quilt keychain.  This will start on March 1st and go thru to March 7th.  Thinking of adding a few other items, between now and the first.  I will post any changes.

Yesterday before Son and Daughter in law came over I made some of these flat iron cases.  I like these better than the first.  IMG_20170227_084401872.jpgIMG_20170227_084414836.jpgIf hot when put away cord goes in back pocket.  It not hot then you can carry your comb/brush in the back pocket.

More to come.


What time is it? Time for a give away.

Getting some wonderful items together for a March giveaway.  Just a little tease.  On Monday I will post what the giveaway will be and how long.

As far as today it is cold out doors and I will be staying in.  Hopefully in the sewing room.   I have my fabric picked out and pattern handy so I will start working on my Kaleidoscope quilt.  Pictures of fabric yet to be come. Then pictures of the progress.

For now I am in need of suggestions.   I was given 8  12inch finished blocks of Hawaiian prints.  What could I do with them?  They are pretty, but I don’t have any of these fabrics to make a whole quilt.  Suggestions?


Flat Iron Carrier

I made a flat iron carrier today.  It is made with Insulbright so it will not burn if it is hot.  It was fun and I plan on making more for the craft fairs.  It will also make some great Christmas gifts for the Granddaughters. 2 of them travel racing BMX bikes and as you know, teenagers HAVE to have their hair just right and make up on even under a helmet.  One is involved with the Plays and Drama in High School and one in College.  All will be able to use them.  IMG_20170223_142256849.jpgIMG_20170223_142308100.jpg


Sorry last picture is up side down.


What to do with these?

While on vacation we went to several (LOTS really) National Parks.  Little did I know they sold these nice printed fabric pictures for quilts.  I laid them on on my design wall trying to decide on a quilt. IMG_20170222_082715.jpgOn my next vacation I will save about $150.00 and print off some of my pictures.  I can use that money on fabric.

On Monday I asked how I should hang the Salsa mini quilt.  Suggestions were cute clips.  Today I think I will go out searching for some.    I love  going on the search, how about you?

Have a wonderful day.

Good Morning

Such a wonderful day yesterday.  I spent the day outside and it was great.  Grass is turning green . I can’t wait for spring to finally show up.  I keep telling myself this is still February.  When not outside I finished up some microwave cozies and tortilla warmers.  Now we have these things finished up it is time to start new projects.    Ready to goimg_20170221_081820109This is one of 12 inch mini quilt. It comes with a Salsa Recipe  Thinking of putting grommets in the op to hang them.  What do you think, grommets?  A tube in the back for a rod? Or some cute clips to hang?

Enjoy your day and live it to the max today and every day.

Super Saturday

My Hubby surprised me with a trip to Missouri Star Quilts in Hamilton, Missouri.  I am sure you have seen Jenny Doan’s Youtube videos.  This is where her stores are and where she shoots her videos.  Check out her page and join the Forum.  Also  Rob Appell of Man Sew videos there also.  I found a few more pieces than I was in search of, but that is ok.


My purchase


The next group of photos are the Artist Portfolios…sizes are 18×20, 24×30, and 34×41


This last group are projects I have made or are in the process of finishing.

Today has been crazy but good

This has been a busy week and now it is over.  I have joined a 9 week quilt block challenge and a 9 week craft challenge.  This means shortly I will have lots of fun things to share.  What will you be doing in the next few weeks?  Tomorrow will bring me out doors.  It will be in the 70’s and I can’t wait to start getting the flowerbeds ready for spring.  I noticed today the crocuses and tulips are coming up.  On days like this I like sitting outside with some hand sewing or my paints to soak it up.

What are your favorite thing to do when the weather is nice out?  Let me hear from you about you enjoy doing on a beautiful 70 degree day.