Tortilla Warmers

If anyone is interested, here is how I made my tortilla warmer.  To start with I cut 2 11″ circles out of the outside fabric, 2 from lining fabric, and 2 from quilt batting.( I use 100% cotton this way throw in washer and dryer).  IMG_20170118_133047045.jpg img_20170118_160246151

Then stacking right sides together 1 of each fabric, lining, and batting.  You will sew around the edges, leave a small opening to turn the circle.  Now I turn them right side out and nice round circles.  I like to stitch in the center of my circle to stabilize the 3 pieces of fabric.

IMG_20170118_160757291.jpgNow put the 2 sides together and stitch from side to side (high enough to stay closed, but low enough to get the tortillas in.IMG_20170118_160952481.jpgNow you are ready to clip your threads and use it.  Here are the written helps for using a tortilla warmer.

Microwave Tortilla Warmer
1. Remove tortillas from package
2. Seperate tortillas, restack, place in warmer
3. Place in microwave for time depending on number of tortillas
4. Remove from microwave and serve
Quanity Time
2-4 15 sec
5-7 30 Sec
8-10 45 sec
11-12 1 min
Cooking may vary with difference on microwaves, size, and type of tortilla.
100% cotton. Do not use in regular oven.

Hope you enjoy.




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