ICE is here.

Woke up this morning to 1/4th inch of ice outside.  As I look outside my window the neighbor’s driveway looks like a sheet of glass.  The trees look like they have been sprinkled with glitter and water.  We will get more of this wonderful stuff(NOT) tonight and into tomorrow.  So when weather says “You can’t go anyplace” what to do?  I finished my Labyrinth quilt top and will start the quilting next week.  IMG_20170114_124135603.jpgSorry about the Lopsidedness.  Have it all measured out and backing ready to press and cut.  Today I am going to start a quilt notebook.  I am excited to do this.  I will let you know how well it goes.

I am also sending a picture of the Blue Spruce in our back yard.  Couldn’t resist IMG_2487.JPGPoor thing.  Stay warm all.

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We are a multi generation team. We create different things and a lot of times we have fun creating with 3 generations of people. That is how we came up with our name because as you will see we are "One Creative Family". Please feel free to join us :)

17 thoughts on “ICE is here.

    1. Everyone is welcome. Thank you for your comment. We started our blog in August and still figuring things out. Feel free to comment anytime and any kind. The way I see it negative is the only way I can improve. Or at least that is what I tell myself. Have a great day.

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      1. Thank you for the warm welcome! We were supposed to have ice. Had a little, but it melted pretty quick. The bird feeder has been full of visitors since the rain started. A busy crew!


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