Labyrinth is almost finished

Been working on Labyrinth lately and need to put 2 more borders on it.  As soon as I get this done I will post a pic.  Now this is were I struggle the most,  I look at it for a long time before I can decide on a design for the quilting.  I do like a challenge, so this will be one.  Here is a picture I took then realized the borders are on the sides not the top and one strip is upside down.  What I get for trying to sew really late at night.  Today will bring my digging out my handy dandy seam ripper.  I have a little battery operated razor that saves lots of time.  Just have to be real careful to not buzz the fabric.  img_20170112_081216884

We are gearing up rain, sleet, ice and snow.  This will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then by Monday in the 40’s.  This weather is crazy, but any reason not to get out and spend the day sewing is great.  When it gets too cold outside I go to my “Happy Place ” I grew up in South Texas and so I am sharing a picture of my nephew.  I want to make a wall hanging of this.  Maybe this will be my next project.16003326_1839964442934386_484907783155214247_n This is on the Coast  of the Gulf of Mexico.  A family of Cattlemen.  Have a great day all.









7 thoughts on “Labyrinth is almost finished

  1. That’s a great quilt, not the design I thought I would see at all. For those brown borders, can’t you just turn the quilt? Or is it already a rectangle the other way? That’s a beautiful picture of your nephew and would make a wonderful wallhanging, too.


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