Gotta love Monday

While being a stay at home mom I loved Monday.  It meant I had a full 8 hours without kids running around and me not getting much accomplished.  Then once I went to work Monday meant the start of new drama.  I worked with At Risk Kids in a Middle School (grades 6-8)  and oooooooohh the drama.  I did love it and do miss it.  Now retired it means a whole new week to find fun things to do.  This Monday brings me sitting looking my sewing room window at the squirrels playing chase around the trees, bird bath and items in the yard.  Still have snow covering the ground and ice on the sides of the roads.  Today will see the high 30’s.  Some of this will melt and then by Saturday or Sunday another winter storm.  Wonderful day to spend sewing.  Any day is a great way to spend the day.

I am posting a picture of Alicia’s baby so far.  She brought her to visit yesterday and I thought Destiny(2 yr old granddaughter, and Alicia’s niece) would never let go of baby Schulz.  All her babies have the same name.  So for now this is Baby Schulz.  She is starting to look good.img_20170108_140956598As she works on her she sees things she will change and redo.  Glad she is branching out for more ways to be creative.


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