Shopping trip

We went out shopping today for fabric for 2 quilts.  We are getting snow tonight and tomorrow so I decided to start 2 quilts.  Here is a quick picture of the result of our shopping trip.  IMG_20170104_140541493.jpgMy favorite shop is a small mom and pop store.  Mary, the wife, was helping me pick the shades of what I wanted.  Mr. Addidi, the hubby, was yelling from the back,”Give her that at a good price.”  Then out he comes and says,”Cut $2 off each yard, you want that, buy what is left on the bolt and I will cut it $3 a yard.  This was 108 inch backing fabric.  Needless to say, I spent a little more than planned, but with all the discounts I can make  the 2 quilts tops, backing, and quilting for less than what I planned to spend on 1 quilt.  I am such a happy camper right now.

Gotta get to playing, till tomorrow.


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