As Promised, Plus Questions

Got out this morning and took a few pictures of the quilt.  I have stitched in the ditch on all seams, and am undecided on the borders as to if I should do some type of quilting, not all over, just something to add to it.


I asked and want honesty.  The pictures I took last night my little helper was using it as a stage to dance to Bubble Guppies on.

My Daughter in law is a part time photographer and this spring she is going to take me and my quilts out to photo them.  She can do better than I can.   We are trying to decide on where.  Kansas City Area…(It is known as the City of Fountains), Independence (Historical areas), parks, wooded areas, or out in the country.  Maybe all.  Suggestions?

Today lots of questions…Here is another.  I have been asked to make portfolio bags for artist in the area.  Normally on these they provide the fabric as they have specific ideas as to what they want.  Now I am asked to come up with prices on 3 sizes  34×40, 18×20, & 24×30.  These would be completed projects.  Normally I triple the cost of supplies when making things for craft shows.  Would this be a good rule of thumb for these bags?  I will also add the cost of postage seperately in case they go out of town.    Suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all help.

Hello, Again

Today the mail lady was so nice to me.  She brought me my Sew Slip multi purpose sheet.  It is a silicone sheet that sticks to the sewing machine and helps the fabric glide while quilting.  I played with it today and love it.  I ordered it from Missouri Star Quilt.  So much fun.

Tomorrow my little sew buddy will be here to help me with the binding.  My 2 yr old granddaughter loves to pull the thread after I take a stitch.  She sits by my side and helps me.  263_1472391602144  Have a wonderful weekend, I look forward to hearing about it.


Evening all

Today has found me doing some quilting, not much, and listening to sales men.  We are looking to replace our windows.  Goodness anywhere from $10,000-25,000.  This is crazy.  Think of the fabric we could get…..But when the temp outside is 24 degrees with the windchill single didgets, windows are better.

img_1358IMG_1356.JPG New projects.  What to do with an old pair of jeans.  How about an apron and something to dry your hands on. This is fun and will be added to our Craft fairs.


img_5911Daughter In Law’s Tshirt quilt.

IMG_6317.JPGTexas Log Cabin finished a while back.

Have a great evening.


Alicia is making some of the cuties dolls and sleepers for some sales this summer.  I am so happy that she is enjoying sewing.  She likes to come over and “shop” at Mom’s house.  I wonder why, you think it has something to with the price is right?

I am still quilting my Labyrinth quilt top and it is comimg along. Tomorrow hopefully it will be finished.

My quilt guild is making baby (24×24), for a program called “Two Little Giraffes”.  It is for families who have lost a baby.  Since the quilts are little we make 2. One goes in the casket(if the parents want) and the other goes home with the family to keep.  These are placed in gift boxes and given in the hospital along with other items that will help the family thru the hard time.  I will start on these tomorrow.  I want to make several sets.

Seems like there are so many projects and so little time.

Frustrated Monday

This morning I was up early and ready to sandwich my quilt.  Measured backing fabric and batting, cut to size, ironed all and put it together.  As I started to pin the last corner some how I had it laid out on my table crooked.  So unpinned it all. Laid it out on the floor, spray basted it, Stretched it out on the table re pinned it and now trying to decide on what kind of quilting to do.  Not too bad for the first  hours of the day.  Little frustrated, but got over it.  Went to the sewing machine and started to practice some feathers and the stupid tension off or something.  Been messing with it for about 2 hours and said no more today.

Decided to leave things alone for a while and try again this afternoon after exercise.  Maybe things will work better later.

I am also making portfolio bags for a group of artists.  This is good, the more I make the more trips to the fabric stores.

Life is great.  I hope I am the only one to have a frustrating day.



A New Day in the USA

As I sat today watching our new President being sworn in I felt such pride in our Nation.  It made me realize it isn’t the people in Washington who make us a Great People.  It is us, you and me.  It doesn’t matter who is our President, the traditions, ceremonies, and happenings of the day made me feel very proud to be a US citizen.

Today, I got a feel for what Hubby feels like following me thru the fabric stores.  We went to the Wood working Exo this afternoon.  HUGE, lots of man toys, saws of all kinds, etc.  Watching him wander around looking, stopping to listen to a demo, touching the wood, and so on.  I am thinking of the quilt I need to sandwich and what I could be doing.Then I had to laugh and started to act interested.  Is this what he thinks as I go to Quilt Shows, Sewing Expos, and fabric stores?  I have more respect for him for indulging me in my fabrics.

Such a day for deep thoughts.  Now I am going to do some mindless cleaning.  Have a great night.

Tortilla Warmers

If anyone is interested, here is how I made my tortilla warmer.  To start with I cut 2 11″ circles out of the outside fabric, 2 from lining fabric, and 2 from quilt batting.( I use 100% cotton this way throw in washer and dryer).  IMG_20170118_133047045.jpg img_20170118_160246151

Then stacking right sides together 1 of each fabric, lining, and batting.  You will sew around the edges, leave a small opening to turn the circle.  Now I turn them right side out and nice round circles.  I like to stitch in the center of my circle to stabilize the 3 pieces of fabric.

IMG_20170118_160757291.jpgNow put the 2 sides together and stitch from side to side (high enough to stay closed, but low enough to get the tortillas in.IMG_20170118_160952481.jpgNow you are ready to clip your threads and use it.  Here are the written helps for using a tortilla warmer.

Microwave Tortilla Warmer
1. Remove tortillas from package
2. Seperate tortillas, restack, place in warmer
3. Place in microwave for time depending on number of tortillas
4. Remove from microwave and serve
Quanity Time
2-4 15 sec
5-7 30 Sec
8-10 45 sec
11-12 1 min
Cooking may vary with difference on microwaves, size, and type of tortilla.
100% cotton. Do not use in regular oven.

Hope you enjoy.