Hello, Again

Today the mail lady was so nice to me.  She brought me my Sew Slip multi purpose sheet.  It is a silicone sheet that sticks to the sewing machine and helps the fabric glide while quilting.  I played with it today and love it.  I ordered it from Missouri Star Quilt.  So much fun. Tomorrow … More Hello, Again

Evening all

Today has found me doing some quilting, not much, and listening to sales men.  We are looking to replace our windows.  Goodness anywhere from $10,000-25,000.  This is crazy.  Think of the fabric we could get…..But when the temp outside is 24 degrees with the windchill single didgets, windows are better.  New projects.  What to do … More Evening all


Alicia is making some of the cuties dolls and sleepers for some sales this summer.  I am so happy that she is enjoying sewing.  She likes to come over and “shop” at Mom’s house.  I wonder why, you think it has something to with the price is right? I am still quilting my Labyrinth quilt … More Wednesday

Frustrated Monday

This morning I was up early and ready to sandwich my quilt.  Measured backing fabric and batting, cut to size, ironed all and put it together.  As I started to pin the last corner some how I had it laid out on my table crooked.  So unpinned it all. Laid it out on the floor, … More Frustrated Monday

A New Day in the USA

As I sat today watching our new President being sworn in I felt such pride in our Nation.  It made me realize it isn’t the people in Washington who make us a Great People.  It is us, you and me.  It doesn’t matter who is our President, the traditions, ceremonies, and happenings of the day … More A New Day in the USA

Tortilla Warmers

If anyone is interested, here is how I made my tortilla warmer.  To start with I cut 2 11″ circles out of the outside fabric, 2 from lining fabric, and 2 from quilt batting.( I use 100% cotton this way throw in washer and dryer).    Then stacking right sides together 1 of each fabric, … More Tortilla Warmers