Winter is here

Woke up this morning to -8 degrees and is now up to -2.  Come on sun, let’s start warming up.  We got snow and ice yesterday and not as much as we thought we would. This is outside my front door.  The next is out the kitchen window.   So since so cold and icy … More Winter is here

Slippin and Slidin

This morning brought ICE.  I woke up and set out to my Saturday Morning Weight Watcher’s meeting, stepped outside and OH MY GOODNESS, my feet went one way and my body didn’t want to follow.  The ice on the windshield was about 1/2 inch thick.  The street out front of our house has a layer … More Slippin and Slidin

Winter has arrived

This morning we got freezing drizzle.  It was light and not too bad, but tomorrow it hits.  SNOW all day.  Anywhere from a dusting to 5 inches.  Staying in and watching it snow is great and so pretty. Tomorrow will bring me making 2 large tote bags.  The lady will be taking her art work … More Winter has arrived

Almost Christmas

Today has been a day for baking.  Cookies galore.  Chocolate Thumbprint cookies. Sugar Cookies (need to ice and decorate) coconut bars, lemon bars, lemon and white chip cookies, butter horns, Only chocolate chip and snickerdoodles left to make.  Chocolate fudge, and peanutbutter fudge done, working on peanutbutter balls,and burbon balls.  I will be working bread … More Almost Christmas


Since yesterday started out in the dumpster I had to do something to turn it around.  So what did I do?  I sat myself down at my favorite place most afternoons, at my sewing table.  Yes, I finished the Quilt Without Corners top.  I love it.  I think a pattern like this would make a … More Tuesday

Good Morning

This morning I got 4 1/2 dozen tamales made and ready for the freezer.  Check that off the list. Now to finish the quilt without corners.  I am loving this.  All I can say is that I am so glad I have a 1/4 inch foot for my Janome. This has made it so much … More Good Morning