Winter has arrived

This morning we got freezing drizzle.  It was light and not too bad, but tomorrow it hits.  SNOW all day.  Anywhere from a dusting to 5 inches.  Staying in and watching it snow is great and so pretty.

Tomorrow will bring me making 2 large tote bags.  The lady will be taking her art work from place to place.  She said the dimensions were 30×40 inches.  Once I am finished with those I will be project less.  Can’t have that.  Will have to get some stuff going.  Do you panic when you have all your UFOs completed?  I do.  Seems I have to be doing something all the time.  Didn’t used to.  Oh well such is life.

I will leave you with our Christmas tree.  Woke up at 3am today and when I plugged her in I couldn’t resist a photo.IMG_4062 (2).JPG



2 thoughts on “Winter has arrived

  1. Nice tree. Don’t know if I would have a problem not having a project. It’s never happened. If you get what we had here Wed, make sure you have plenty of supplies. We got hammered like never before. I think Portland set a record for snow so far this year.


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