What a beautiful day

Yesterday found me at my window watching the first snow of the year.  It stuck to the grass and not the roads or side walks.  We got only a dusting and today is a cold 10 degrees.  Winter is finally here.  Now I am ready for Christmas.

Am working on my quilt without corners while my pork roast is cooking then it is making tamales.  One of our traditions for Christmas.  No matter what we have we have some tamales for the day.  My Grandmother and mother would work all day making tamales when dad would butcher the hogs.  My son and daughter in law have started making them.

Do you have some wonderful traditions?  I would love to hear about them.  This is just a wonderful time of year, most people are happy and laughing and friendly.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


4 thoughts on “What a beautiful day

  1. Tamales! Our tamalada is scheduled for next weekend. Methinks we have the same taste in food! I spent 20 years in Texas and I missed tamales so much I had to learn to make them myself.


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