Friday brought a morning of sewing then went out looking for a new Band Saw for Gary.  Not finding what he is looking for, but the day was beautiful.  Doesn’t feel too much like winter, but I know this will change.  Winter won’t be winter without some snow, just not too much.

Instead of New Years resolutions, this year I am setting goals.  More quilts, and craft fair projects, and Live today as if it is my last.  The best I can.  With this Have a Wonderful successful 2017 and can’t wait to read more about our new friends..

As you know we are a family of crafters.  Mary(my Mother in law passed this year), did needle point.  Hubby, Gary, does woodworking, Alicia, does crocheting and starting to sew some.  I use fabric, love quilts and sewing of all kinds.  My newest project is the mini quilt, IMG_20161229_093450467.jpg

I finished it this morning at 5am.   Gary made a puzzle of our youngest granddaughter.  She is 2 today and she keeps wanting a puzzle, so here it is.IMG_20161229_093503570_TOP.jpg

She kept putting it together, and taking it apart.  I’d say she liked it.  My favorite of his woodworking is this…my-pictures019 the Light House Intarsia.

Alicia’s best project is this lovely sweater.img_0837-2

My favorite quilt is this one.IMG_2459.JPG
Hope everyone has a great 2017.

Found what I lost

Yesterday I couldn’t find fabric I was looking for and today I found it.  I am making a mini quilt to hang on a 12″ stand.  I am enjoying today a lot.  We are looking out at the sun and birds are singing outside my window.  Great day for sewing.img_20161228_130218993 In a few hours I will take advantage of the great weather and go out for a walk.


Where did it go?

Have you ever known you had a specific piece of fabric and can’t find it?  That is me today.  I wanted to start on a small project and woke up thinking I have that color and print I want and now beginning to think I dreamed it.  I will continue my looking.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday you celebrate.  We had a great time.  Way too much food.  Sent lots home with everyone and still have more in the freezer.  We will pull it out when we get that unexpected visits.

Christmas Day was a warm drizzly day, but still a beautiful day.

What are your goals and plans for 2017?  I have 3 quilts I want to make and one will be hand quilted.  (This one may still be a WOP in 2018) I am not that fast.  So with that, I need to find that fabric.  I know it is here some place.

Thank you

I would like to thank you all for posting your recipes.  My daughter couldn’t stop eating the sugar cookies.  We celebrated Christmas with the family Wednesday and the chocolate chip, sugar, and snickerdoodles were a great hit.

I finished the quilt without corners and now looking to see what fabrics I want to work with next.  I do have one question for you all.  When on trips and purchasing fabric to take home, how much do you usually buy of each piece?  I bought a yard and for the most part a yard isn’t always what you need for quilts.  As an accent piece it is ok, but what is a good yardage to buy?  I did keep track of what I bought where so I can always order more if need be, but not having a lot of patience that isn’t always a good idea.  Buy what 2 yards of each?

Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year for all.

Happy Holidays.