Friday brought a morning of sewing then went out looking for a new Band Saw for Gary.  Not finding what he is looking for, but the day was beautiful.  Doesn’t feel too much like winter, but I know this will change.  Winter won’t be winter without some snow, just not too much. Instead of New Years resolutions, this year I am setting goals.  More quilts, … Continue reading Friday

As you know we are a family of crafters.  Mary(my Mother in law passed this year), did needle point.  Hubby, Gary, does woodworking, Alicia, does crocheting and starting to sew some.  I use fabric, love quilts and sewing of all kinds.  My newest project is the mini quilt,  I finished it this morning at 5am.   Gary made a puzzle of our youngest granddaughter.  She … Continue reading

Thank you

I would like to thank you all for posting your recipes.  My daughter couldn’t stop eating the sugar cookies.  We celebrated Christmas with the family Wednesday and the chocolate chip, sugar, and snickerdoodles were a great hit. I finished the quilt without corners and now looking to see what fabrics I want to work with next.  I do have one question for you all.  When … Continue reading Thank you