Fall is here

Woke up to a crisp 3 degrees this morning.  Almost all the leaves are off the trees. I love walking in the leaves hearing the crunch as you walk over them.  There is even a different smell in the air.  The humorous side of fall are watching the squirrels running around playing and hiding all the nuts for the winter.  While working in the yard, I have come across pecans stuck in the ground….we don’t have pecan trees.  The only one is my neighbors back yard.

Yesterday brought us a sick granddaughter.  I hope she feels better today and we can go out side.  If not we will be making a picture pillow for mom.  She is only 2 and loves to “color”.  I have some fabric crayons and we will color on some muslin and then I will make a pillow out of if for mom and maybe the other Grandparents for Christmas.

Then a great evening to bake some cookies.  About 5pm if you breathe deeply you may smell some toffee chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.  Have a wonderfully creative day.

New President of the USA

On Wed we will wake up to a new President.  Whom ever it is I hope it is for the good.  All I can say is I am glad the phone calls will stop.

Now is the time to start planning what to work on next.  I want to make a quilt without corners.  I will get the fabric together tomorrow for this and that will be all for a while the day.  Going to look for some big acorns with Granddaughter.  Friend of mine wants some to paint on.  Take a look at this:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1107307806027077&set=a.104963146261553.9528.100002436045417&type=3&theater

Looks like fun and we have some good size acorns. So acorn harvesting we will go.

Busy Busy Busy

It has been a busy few days and it was great.  Friday was a day in the sewing room catching up on things I have put off.

It is fall in Missouri and that means LEAVES to rake and mulch. Not only are we cleaning leaves we are scooping up acorns by the shovel full.  I hear the older farmers in Missouri are saying we will have a big snowy winter.  We will see.  Glad we don’t HAVE to get out if we don’t want to.

Saturday was one of my sewing clubs and mini retreats.  It was so much fun.  Got some new Dakota Designs for my embroidery machine.   I am stitching designs on tea towels.  These designs are for the fall and Christmas Days of the week.  They are turning out really cute.

My question is what is an average size for white cotton tea towels?  I bought 3 packages from JoAnn’s and not thinking about different sizes, got home and had 3 packages of 4 towels and each package was a different size.  I guess it is what ever size you like?  I have to go back today and get more all the same size.  I personally like cloth diapers and bought those for 44 years.


The 3 different sizes.   I will be more observant from now on.  New designs.  This is a sample so I know what to do different next time.  I see a skipped stitch so I need to check out fixing that.