Yesterday was so busy and not all fun.  Day started off with putting up the tree.  Hubby and I got it decorated and some of the other decorations up from the basement.  We then went out looking for a manger for my Nativity set.  This was purchased about 67 years ago for hubby’s first Christmas.  The manger is cardboard and is starting to look its age.  No such luck.  I did get some new shelves put up in my sewing room and items put away.

The not so much fun we mulched the leaves in the yard, worked 3 1/2 hours and have 6 large leaf bags, and a 55 gal can full of leaves.  So glad we have a leaf blower, mulcher, and a mulcher mower.  We were worn out, but not so much I couldn’t sew a little.

Christmas gifts made and now to start wrapping gifts.  I won’t put them under the tree till closer to Christmas.  I want to see how the Granddaughter will deal with the tree and decorations.  This is the first Christmas she really knows what is going on.

Below is a quick pattern for the cold weather ahead of us.


Stitches to know-

Hdc-half double crochet 

FPDC-front post double crochet  

BPDC-back post double crochet

LHdc-Long half double crochet

I used Red Hart WW yarn with an I hook

Ch 60 and join

Row 1) Turn chain slightly so the “bump” of the chain is showing ontop, ch1, Hdc in each bump of the chain.  Do not join.  (see photo below)

When you get to the top of the hdc, you will turn it toward you 180 degrees so the first hdc is upside-down and work hdc in each chain on the reverse side.  (This will put the natural twist in the headwrap).

Row 2) Ch 2, FPDC (YO, insert hook in on right side of previous hdc around to the left side of hdc -your hook should be “behind” the hdc stitch- YO, pull through 2 loops, YO pull through last 2 loops).  FPDC around each hdc until you reach the ch2, then join.

Row 3) Turn work, ch2, Lhdc (YO, insert hook in top of previous hdc, YO and pull through all 3 loops).  Lhdc in each stitch around and join beg ch 2.

Row 4-7) repeat rows 2 & 3.

I do give permission make and sell what you make as long as you give me credit for the pattern.  Thank you, Alicia Hill, One Creative Family.

Super Sunday

Today brings a day of making sleep pants for 3 granddaughters, and a daughter.  We try and make each family member 1 gift.  Something that is just for them for Christmas.  I think making something for other people brings me more joy than getting something myself.

Today the sleep pants, tomorrow finish a wall hanging, and then some kitchen items for Daughter in law.  Two granddaughters get IOU for quilts.  They hadn’t given me an idea for colors and being teenagers with definite likes and dislikes, they will go shopping with me and pick out their colors themselves.  We will spend a day doing this and having lots of fun.

What are your plans for a wonderfully cloudy,windy, fall day?  No putting lights up for Christmas, too windy, and new siding on the house.  No bueno.  Not a good idea.  Tomorrow brings putting the tree up and bringing out the decorations, then finish sewing.  Baking will start in a week or so.  Have a wonderful weekend.


Hope everyone is doing well.  Today, were very foolish.  We thought we would get out and get a few gifts and finish up one of the Granddaughter’s Christmas.  SO STUPID!!!! Little did we think that everyone was having sales and it is the busiest Christmas Shopping day.  We drove around the shopping center looking for a parking place for almost 1/2 hour and then another 20 min to get to the highway when we decided we were going home instead of shopping.  The shopping will wait till next week when most people are at work.  The only store we did go to  “Bass Pro” for specific items, the check out line was 1/2 way around the store.  By time we got to the cashier I had to let Gary pay for the items and go sit outside.  I have not gotten that sick and dizzy in a store in over 35 years.  Glad to get home.

What are your thoughts of shopping on the busiest day of the season?


Happy Fall

The air is so crisp outdoors and as I walked to the car I was ankle deep in leaves that have fallen from our oak tree that is out in the front yard.  I woke this morning to the sound of something hitting my house.  After looking around I found the critter who woke me up out of a sound sleep.  Mr. Squirrel knocking the last of acorns out of the trees.

I have my bread dough rising to start making apple, poppy seed, and sausage  kolaches.  I will be making cinnamon rolls with this also. While waiting for the dough to raise I have an afternoon of baking cookies for the family Thanksgiving Morning.  We have a brunch planned so the kids can go to either work or their families homes for the afternoon and evening.

My days will be filled with music, baking, candy making, and sewing.  I just love this time of the year.

What are your favorite things for the up coming Holidays?  I think for me it is watching everyone enjoying each other, laughing and joking.  This year a 2 yr old running around again will be wonderful.

Another Craft fair almost here

We will be attending a big craft fair on Friday and Saturday.  I keep seeing more and more ideas on this blog and not enough time to make anything other than what I am finishing up.  Hubby is making some beautiful wood work.

I saw some of the cuties Gnomes today on Farm House Quilts  I think tomorrow we need to go to the craft store and get a few supplies.  Check them out.  I think you will really enjoy seeing them.