Gift Card Holder

As promised here are the directions for making your own Gift Card Holder.

1.) Cut 3 pieces of fabric 6  1/2 inches by 4  1/2 inches                                                                            Cut 3  pieces of Peltex 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches

2.)Fold fabric in half length wise, right sides together.  Place a Peltex on top of the outside of folded fabric and stitch  1/4inch seam. img_20161014_162641312

3.) Turn right side out and stack the 3 pieces together. I use 2 different fabrics just for fun.  I have also used Plastic Canvas in the place of Peltex. Put Grommets or button holes in the top of the card holder. This will be used to pull the ribbon through.img_20161014_163727684

4.) Using embroidery thread stitch all 3 pieces together on each side and bottom.



5.) Pull the ribbon through the holes and then place your gift cards in each opening on the top. This pushes the ribbon down into the holder and to get the gift card out, pull the ribbons.




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