Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful Sunday with our kids and 4 of the granddaughters.   This morning brings working on some Santa and Snowmen quilts.  This will be lots of fun.  I have  been given a quilt that  a friend of my mother in laws started quilting before she died.  I have only about 6-8 inches left to hand quilt and then put the binding on.  It will go to Gwen’s son.

I have turned my music on and tv off, tired of all the political junk on it and am sewing till I get the youngest Granddaughter.  Tonight Grandpa and I will take her trick or treating to some close friends then hand out candy.  IMG_20161031_101702150.jpg

A good start on organizing

I have started organizing my sewing room and am already getting rid of lots of goodies. It will be good to get up in the morning and start sewing without moving something.  I still have a way to go, but all is well.  img_20161029_194533492I know what I will be working on in an hour or so  Cleaning more  baskets out and see what is tucked away.

Enjoy your weekend all.

Friday Fun

Went shopping today.  Got some Christmas bought, got some totes and a big start on organizing.  Got candy for Halloween, 4 large bags. I hope we get quite a few trick or treaters. I will have the fun of taking our Granddaughter, Destiny, who is 20 months old out to a few houses.

Organizing the sewing room has made me decide that I need to get rid of some of this stuff.  Things that I have had for many years and forgot about.  I will see if our local Boys & Girls Club wants it.  Paints, paper, all kinds of stuff.  I didn’t realize I was such a packrat.


Thank You!!!!!!

Thank you everyone who had their own way of sorting scraps.  I have gotten lots of ideas and am ready to get organized.  I started last night and after about an hour I was calling it a night.  I caught myself putting it back where I had gotten it from.  Now I have a plan of action.  One basked at a time.  I have several empty shoe box size totes and labels to mark what I have in them.   I am on a roll.  I will post pictures of the finished project.  Just don’t wait up tonight for those pictures…You will be waiting a while.

I truly enjoyed all the comments.  Thanks again.

Need Stash Help

This morning I was reading a blog from https://catbirdquilts.wordpress.com/ and it brought a question to mind…How does one go about organizing your stash of fabric?  I have a large amount in different totes.  I try to sort by color, not quite right. By size, looks just piled up.  Seriously I am tired of all these odds and ends of fabric in containers that I did through when I need less than  1/4th of a yard. I started to cut the pieces into squares, then thought, “What if I need a bigger piece of that than a 5 inch square. What do I do with the extra from that square.”  Am I over thinking this issue?  I can’t throw any of this fabric out,  I may need it.  I do need help.  Any ideas?This is only a very small sample of the totes and baskets of fabric.IMG_20161026_130045800.jpg

Last 2 Craft Fairs of the year

Well I am ready for the last 2 craft fairs of 2016.  I have called it quits for the one on Nov. 5th  and have Jalapeno Pecan brittle, Pecan Brittle, and Peanut Brittle to make for the 18th and 19th sales.  Then it is all finished.  Or at least as finished as I call it.  I can always find new things to make.

We have PUMPKINS.  All sizes and colors.  img_20161025_071414These are so much fun to make.  Next fall my house will be filled with these…Never go bad, but then can’t make pies of them.

These wonderful little bags are fun, but not as much as the pumpkins.


Just give us a yell if you want patterns.

Sunflowers anyone?

Well got the sunflowers in the windows and working on the quilting.  This will be a gift for Christmas.  img_20161022_204926926

Hopefully it will be finished in a few days. So far I am just outlining the sunflowers.  I have  a twin size bed quilt cut out that is snowmen in the Attic Window  pattern.