My Firsts today

Went to the Post Office to mail our giveaway to Mrs. P and had to laugh.  We had to fill out a  US Custom’s Form.  Who is it going to, weight, detailed description, weight, cost, phone numbers, etc.  It took us longer to fill out the form than it did to drive to the Post Office.  So funny.

I am sending a picture of the wall hanging so far.  I am just struggling getting things to look right in the center.  Finally had to put it aside for a while before I wad it up and start over.  Any suggestions on lining things up so it looks like all meet together in center?IMG_20160914_075541332.jpgSo much to do and so little time.  I sound like Willy Wonka right now.  Time to get the brain uncluttered.  Time to make my lists.





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